Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/24

Rain at the airport

I’m sorry, but I think it’s time to either take the rain gauge at the Paso Robles airport out from under the awning or relocate it completely. The airport is not in a vortex, yet it just doesn’t seem to rain there. Give me a break!

According to your article, Paso Robles had only 1.64 inches while Shandon had 4.69 inches and Templeton had 5.93 inches (“Rainfall totals through 5 p.m. Wednesday,” Dec. 23). I live in Heritage Ranch and we have had 11 inches, that I’m sure of.

Does it make it seem more desirable for Paso Robles to report so little precipitation? Is it for the tourist industry? Whatever it is, I don’t believe it.

Oh, and just one more thing. Am I the only person up here who’s grown really tired of reading about the totally dysfunctional Los Osos sewer project? Does anyone other than those directly involved really care? I believe there are other more interesting topics available — just my opinion.

Allan De Shon

Paso Robles

Warming a hoax

If the new Chevrolet Volt electric car, at $41,000, is so great, why is the federal government giving a $7,500 bribe to entice you to buy one? Mark Vaughn, “Autoweek” magazine West Coast editor, was unable to drive a Volt from Los Angeles to San Diego before it ran out of juice and for $41,000, they want you to buy this all in the name of saving the planet?

“Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life,” said Harold Lewis, UCSB Professor Emeritus of Physics, who resigned his membership in The American Physical Society after having been its former chairman and a member for 67 years.

Professor Lewis is not alone — 31,487 scientists and climatologists (of which 9,029 have doctorates) have signed on insisting that humans causing the climate to change is a hoax.

Why is it that we seldom ever see this other point of view?

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Lamps and log fires

Jane Swanson’s letter to the editor concerning the Shoreline fault near the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant has me distressed (“Study fault more,” Dec. 20). Of course Mothers for Peace would do and say anything to stop the licensing renewal for the Diablo power plant. They’ve been intervening since when, the late 1980s?

But nuclear power plants in the United States and Europe have been the safest industrial facilities in the world and throughout time. Of course the ratepayers, that means you and I, must pay for the licensing renewal — where else could the money come from?

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. cannot print money for licensing and studies, they are not a government. PG&E is a conduit to exchange our money for a reliable and safe electrical supply. How much more money must we, all of us, spend to appease the ridiculous intervention of those who oppose nuclear power? Enough is enough. I’m not ready to go back to kerosene lamps and log fires.

Doug Stevens

San Luis Obispo

No question about it

Every time I read a letter to the editor dealing with President Barack Obama’s “birth,” it reinforces my opinion that Americans are becoming dumber and dumber (“A secret location,” Dec. 22).

President Obama is an American citizen and there is no question about it.

Anyone who continues to question that “fact” would have felt right at home during the Salem witch trials.

Leroy Bosanko

Paso Robles

Collective benefit?

In the newspaper recently, Gov.-elect Jerry Brown warned educators to “fasten your seat belts” (“Educators warned more cuts coming,” Dec. 15).  With an estimated $28 billion budget deficit, obviously, more cuts to education will occur in 2011. 

In the Local section, Bob Cuddy wrote that San Luis Obispo County has received $3 million in “green” money (“County Roundup,” Dec. 15). 

For those who missed the article, the Atascadero Zoo and Lake Park was allocated $564,700 for a “green parking lot,” Paso Robles will get nearly 1 million for a green block upgrade, San Luis nearly $900,000 for what appears to be office time and the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments about $240,000 for a similar paperwork drill.

All these “progressive programs” amount to governmental waste. I question what is a green parking lot, what’s green about an inner city upgrade and why nearly half of the money is clearly going to staff members for upgrading plans when they should be performing this task as a daily matter of responsibility in the office place.

No wonder our state is in a budget crisis. Allay my fears and publish a detailed article on how this money will be spent for our collective benefit. I don’t think it can be done. 

August Runte


Worthwhile project

Having been involved with the San Luis Obispo Superior Court’s Project Julia, I know how fulfilling it is to give a gift to a newly adopted child.

I would like to extend a special recognition and thank you to Patt Holmes, a former courtroom clerk who started and named the project when she clerked for the now retired Judge Roger Picquet.

Holmes was also instrumental in putting together the baskets of Beanie Babies and toys for the older children.

Over the years, court staff even held crocheting classes for other staff members during their lunch hours so that they could contribute their time to make blankets or otherwise donate Beanie Babies and toys to keep this worthwhile project going.

JoAnne Miller

Morro Bay

A very good choice

Congratulations to Dan Carpenter for being selected to fill the vacant seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council. The support for him was broad and deep and the council wisely considered that, as well as Carpenter’s many contributions and long history in the community.

I am happy that I was able to participate as an applicant for the position. Having a choice was a good thing and Carpenter was a very good choice. Patty Andreen

San Luis Obispo

Is there a pony?

I eagerly read your recent article on what the new tax law means to me (“Here’s what the new tax law does for you,” Dec. 18). After all, as one of the made-out-like-a-bandit billionaires, I looked forward to seeing how I did.

But alas, you stopped your reporting with middle-class tax benefits, not even going all the way up to that mythical cut-off, $250,000. Everyone was for those tax breaks.

But I want to see what it means to the uber-rich.

After all, Republicans held the U.S. Senate hostage until the upper 2 percenters were included. So how about it? Can’t we see what that additional deficit means to them?

Show me how much money they have for creating new jobs. Oh wait, they’ve had those tax cuts throughout and did nothing for job creation. But now they save on estate taxes too. There must be a pony hidden here. Please?

Jan Scott

Arroyo Grande