Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/19

The great people of SLO

There has been much in the newspaper focusing on what a wonderful community we have — such as the people, environment, you name it.

San Luis Obispo is a wonderful place to live.

I would, however, like to focus on an especially unique man: Phil Lang, owner of Bon Temps. The Tribune ran an article about the fire that occurred at Bon Temps resulting in it closing for a bit (Dec. 1).

Lang found himself with a freezer full of food, not damaged in the fire, but no working restaurant. He called me and offered to feed the hungry at the Prado Day Center.

Lang provided the food for three Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter dinners and one noon meal at Prado, feeding 400-plus people!

As we look at our community full of great people, we are fortunate to have people like Lang who, even when misfortune hits, he was thinking of those less fortunate.

I hope that when Bon Temps reopens, we will all support a business with such a generous spirit.

Mary N. Parker

People’s Kitchen chair

Officers earn every penny

Another comment to Joetopia (“They pledge to harass and fine,” Dec. 4): When I was in my mid-20s, my uncle encouraged me to join the CHP. A good career, steady pay, good retirement.

I would be regularly confronting strangers, potentially armed and ready to do something stupid. I would have to be on the scene of gruesome accidents with all that they entail. Just two thoughts, not for me.

Now years later, I have the privilege of knowing a half-dozen officers through music, church and my design business. They are a group of people I admire for their dedication, skill and all that they do on our behalf.

They confront belligerent drunks, thieves, stupidity and ignorance, not to mention crimes of murder, armed robbery, gangs and endless other stuff so that we don’t have to, unless we’re very unlucky.

They earn every penny they are paid, and their retirement as well. The people who are charged with protecting us do a great job, all things considered.

I am greatly offended by our highly paid, supposed leadership in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., who bungle along, pretending to do our business, but that is a different story.

Write about that.

Mike Lorenzo

Los Osos

Goodbye, Betty Winholtz

We could not have been happier with the election results here in Morro Bay. Needless to say, we attended the swearing-in ceremony of our new mayor, Bill Yates, and City Council members George Leage and Nancy Johnson.

The outgoing mayor and councilmembers gave their farewell speeches and then there was Betty Winholtz.

Well, Betty, after listening to your goodbyes, you only solidified our thoughts of you.

Not hard to understand why you were not re-elected. Happy trails to you.

William Welles

Morro Bay

What is unconstitutional?

The recent decision by U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson declaring the mandatory purchase of health insurance unconstitutional seems rather puzzling (“Judge strikes down part of health care law,” Dec. 14).

It’s illegal to drive a car in this country without adequate insurance (is that unconstitutional?), yet when it comes to people’s health, the judge seems to value his car above the health of our citizens.

Insurance only becomes affordable if everybody contributes to the premiums. The fewer people in the system, the more expensive the premiums become.

I guess the judge doesn’t need health insurance since, unlike most of us, he can afford to pay directly for his health care.

Huw Morris

Paso Robles