Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/11

Place the blame

I read The Fresno Bee series on the, mostly, Mexican immigrants and Bob Cuddy’s recent column (“Fresno Bee series was an eye opener,” Dec. 5). Cuddy’s assessment on the series matches mine. That is, the immigrant worker has no political power but the employer does. That is why it is a lawbreaking immigrant problem and not a lawbreaking employer problem. 

The Mexican laborer came here, as many immigrants did, seeking work and a better life, but the employer knows full well what is required under the law and is in total disregard of the law.

In the early 1980s, I would travel from Sacramento to Los Angeles frequently on business and stayed many times in the hotels around LAX. It was very clear to me, a lay person, that the great majority of service workers in those hotels were new arrivals from Mexico.

These were large corporation-owned and run hotels with hundreds of employees, if not thousands. I found it very difficult to believe that these hotels were not aware of the undocumented status of their employees. The corporations enjoy profits by hiring the undocumented.

It is time the politicians put the blame where it really belongs.  

J.M. Avila

Grover Beach

Hunting in Humboldt

Dean Thompson recently wrote a letter complaining about brandt hunters (“Ripping steel shot,” Nov. 27). He asked the question, “Where else in California is this level of hunting pursued adjacent to communities of thousands and on a bay full of other recreationalists?”

Answer: Humboldt Bay. During my years there, I enjoyed many delicious meals of wild food. In season, this included freshly caught salmon and steelhead, venison, brandt, teal and mallard, plus lots of wild trout.

I did not personally take all this game; many of it was shared by neighbors, and I usually returned the favor with fresh, healthy food from my garden.

I am now teaching engineering at Cal Poly. The other day, I was standing with my students near a walnut tree and bent down and started shelling nuts and eating them. One of the students asked me what I was eating. Apparently, kids around here think that all food comes out of a plastic bag. Or maybe the enlightened ones think it comes from vendors on Higuera Street on Thursday nights.

And what of the name of Thompson’s town, Los Osos? The wild bears who were the original residents were “relocated” to provide a cozy suburban lifestyle. No hunting sounds allowed.

Dave Morrow

San Luis Obispo

Wish list

Santa, thank you for giving us Target this year. Next year, I would really, really like an El Pollo Loco. Also, could you please stop the address labels that clutter our mailbox?

In addition, I would enjoy signs along Los Osos Valley Road that name the current crop growing there. Visitors and locals often wonder what’s coming up and it would be a tourist attraction. 

Mary Stone

Los Osos