Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/10

Unsafe drop-off

It is reasonable to expect children will be safe walking a few blocks to their neighborhood school. Mixing children with a few residential cars is expected. But mixing children with a high volume of cars from parents who could use the front entrance to Ocean View Elementary School, yet choose to drive through a residential area, is wrong.

Ocean View has an area in front of the school to safely drop off children. Streets in that area are designed for high-volume traffic. The back of the school is in a residential area at the end of dead end street, and is not designed for high traffic.

On a typical school day, more than 100 motorists aggressively drive through the neighborhood to drop off their children at the back of the school. Can you imagine a small child trying to walk or ride a bicycle in this mess?

When a child is killed — and it will happen — no excuse from the school, police or city will be able to remove the guilt.

David Vang

Arroyo Grande

The Christmas spirit

Please join me and my fellow artists in supporting the Needs ’N Wishes benefit event for the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter.

This year, John Ramos has generously donated a limited edition signed, framed print titled, “Endless Summer.” Also joining us are Carole Paulson, George Jercich, Foxlo Pottery, Earthsea Pottery, Dotty Hawthorne, Julie Dunn, Roseanne Seitz, Linda Lewis, Carol Manuputy, Anita Schweibel and others.

This countywide event is from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday at the South Bay Community Center in Los Osos.

Beside the great art, there is music, dancing, gifts and an elf’s boutique, Santa, baked goods, complimentary coffee from SLO Roast and cocoa.

This benefits the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter 100 percent. For more information, call 528-5800 or 528-7638. This event follows the Los Osos Christmas parade.

This is what the Christmas spirit is all about.

Arnie Setran

Los Osos

Find Smart’s killer

Hopefully, one of Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s first acts to restore trust in the Sheriff’s Department will be to find Kristin Smart and convict her killer. It’s been almost 15 years of pain for her family.

Recently, the murderer of Chandra Levy was convicted with circumstantial evidence and zero DNA.

We pray Sheriff Parkinson will use his voice in the media and remind anyone who has heard anything to come forward.

Plaster Smart’s picture all over San Luis Obispo and across California. Don’t scare witnesses, encourage them, thank them and follow up — the evidence is there!

Sheriff Parkinson, convict Smart’s murderer and find her remains so her family knows where their daughter’s bones are buried. That would restore confidence in your office and help residents of San Luis Obispo feel safe. Commit your resources and solve this crime.

Visit www.kristinsmart.com.

Sheri Estes


One side of story

I heard on NPR that if we pay all our bills electronically, we can save 16 million trees.

In fairness, shouldn’t they also mention the number of people who will be unemployed in the U.S. Postal Service, stationary and envelope manufacturing, paper industry, logging, trucking, etc? We are really good at only looking at one side of a story.

John Kepler

San Luis Obispo