Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/8

‘Animal Farm,’ D.C.

Time to read “Animal Farm” again, it seems.

We are all equal, but some of us are more equal than others, like the book says. Rep. Charles Rangel gets censured? Wow! That should be a great deterrent for others who feed at the government trough.

You or I would go to jail. Why is Rangel not prosecuted and sent to jail like the rest of us? How come he isn’t even thrown out of the House of Representatives? Is it because rats don’t feed on other living rats?

I wouldn’t understand things at all if it weren’t for “Animal Farm,” which is now headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Lorenzo Lowe

Avila Beach

Shortsighted Joe

In response to Joe Tarica’s article on cops (“They pledge to harass and fine,” Dec. 4): What a shortsighted, ignorant article. As the daughter of a career cop, your article is insulting to all those in law enforcement and their families.

The pay and retirement that those in law enforcement receive is a tribute to the kind of work they put in every day for all our safety. I have a father who I am so proud of. He gave his all to his job and there are fewer child molesters, rapists and drug dealers on the streets thanks to him.

Yes, he was able to retire at an age earlier than some, but he carries emotional and physical scars with him, an ugly part of our world he can’t talk about and you wouldn’t want to hear about. He didn’t get the option to pack them in a box with the pencils and paper from his desk like you will.

I hope that you can be less narrow-minded in your beliefs about those who, despite your feelings about them, will still come to your house, your place of work, your car accident or your kid’s school when the need arises.


Back on the road

My 47-year-old dream has been realized. Now I want to publicly say thank you to the local people and businesses that were a part of this marvelous journey. Together, we accomplished what many said was impossible. We took a tired old race car and restored it to racing glory worthy of its 41 years of racing heritage.

The car flew down the famous Bonneville Salt Flats at 159 mph using a stock, vintage Studebaker engine. Truly amazing!

From the beautiful eye catching paint work of Ed and Team Collision, highlighted by the classic lettering of Jame Stormes Designs, to the craftsmanship in restoring the frame and suspension by High Gear Ranch, there were many local people who helped with this project.

Steve at Westside Auto Parts and National Glass. Dan Lemons created the awesome “Zoomie” exhaust. Mike and Sue of Howe’s Automotive. Industrial Radiator. Eddie’s Custom Cars. Jason at Bear Metal Kustoms and Early Wheel. Matt at American Gear. Hinson’s Tires. Quality Tinting. Otis Auto Body. Howards Signs. McCaffery Trucking. Schuyler Collision. True Radius Bending. AGS. Kevin Roose.

A special thanks to the members of the Gold Coast Roadsters club and the Mendenhalls.

Dan Sallia

San Luis Obispo

Doing nothing

Our government lied to justify its attack on Iraq and we did nothing. Our leaders authorized brutal interrogation and illegal torture and we did nothing. Our leaders ignored our rights to privacy, indiscriminately downloaded our e-mail and tapped our telephones and we did nothing.

Our leaders sent flying robots to rain terror on Afghan and Pakistani peasants, thus increasing the Third World’s hatred of us, and we did nothing. Our leaders gave hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to corrupt banks while stiffing the unemployed and ignoring our struggling middle class and we did nothing.

Our leaders authorized the execution of American citizens without due process and we did nothing. Our leaders herd us like cattle through loathsome airport surveillance systems and we do nothing.

Now, as WikiLeaks maneuvers valiantly to inform us about our government’s increasing despotism, a bipartisan congressional agreement is developing to further ensure the government’s unlimited power to spy on us while branding it treasonous for its secrets to be made public.

And what are citizens of this so-called constitutional republic preparing to do about this? That’s right. Nothing.

Jay Salter


Essential sewer

I take kind exception to Ben DiFatta’s belief that the Los Osos wastewater project will “cause a depression” in the community (“Protest the sewer,” Dec. 5).

Far more dangerous (and unhealthy) is to not move forward with the project. There may be a recession/depression here with or without a sewer project, but a public works project of this nature is essential.

This train has left the station and all I have to say is good luck and God bless.

Lee Ferrero

Los Osos

Start all over

Our government is on the verge of a big crunch where we will be unable to run the government because of an inability to service our debts. This is the result of Congressional failure to enforce our Constitution for our citizens.

The pity is that the voter and the courts allowed this to happen. Their failure to realize that smaller government is always better will lead to a catastrophic failure.

We may be able to reorganize a new government, but it will never be the same as it could have been if our Constitution had been enforced by Congress and our courts. All their various interpretations of what the Founding Fathers intended caused us irreparable harm.

To me at least, the founding fathers were very clear about what was needed to make and keep our republic. There are now thousands of problems and the only way to address them is to start all over again.

Shirlene Gregory

Pismo Beach

Don’t call them kids

The vast majority of college students are legal adults. The fact that they may not be financially independent from their parents is irrelevant as far as their legal standing is concerned.

Coaches, news media and sportscasters do students a disservice by referring to them as kids and describing their legal troubles as misbehavior. This enforces the idea that college students, and especially college athletes, are not responsible for their actions.

If you want them to act like adults, stop calling them kids. A good share of our military is staffed with people of similar age and I have never heard a commander refer to his or her troops as kids.

Timothy John Peters

San Luis Obispo

Conflicting parade

I attended the San Luis Obispo holiday parade for the first time last Friday. Being Jewish, this was a conflict for me. The parade itself was not a conflict; it was delightful.

However, an event on a Friday night conflicts with the religious practices of observant Jews. Our Sabbath begins at the end of the week, at sundown Friday night. We consider Shabbat a major holiday 52 times a year.

Friday night is when our worship services are held and when our Sabbath begins.

Referring to the parade as a “holiday” parade would indicate its inclusive intent. However, consistently scheduling it on a Friday night sends a message to Jews that our participation, even though we too have winter holidays, is not welcomed.

I am not very familiar with Islam, but Friday is also a day of assembly for Muslims, who may also feel alienated from this otherwise festive, city-sponsored event.

If this is to be an inclusive holiday parade, rescheduling should be considered in future years.

Jan Durocher

San Luis Obispo

Can’t understand it

“This used to be a hell of a good country. I can’t understand what’s gone wrong with it.” So said Jack Nicholson’s character in the film “Easy Rider” 41 years ago. And it still seems appropriate today.

What kind of country are we living in where one political party can threaten to cut off unemployment funds to several million American citizens who are out of work through no fault of their own so that Paris Hilton’s tax rate won’t go up?

I can’t understand it either, Jack.

Steve Young

Paso Robles