Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/7

Strength in ignorance

Clearly, WikiLeaks must be stopped now and forever lest the enduring stupor and passivity of the public be disturbed, or worse, begin to erode.

Remember: in ignorance and delusion there is strength! Read nothing, think less, stay comfortable. Have a nice day!

R. Bernard Farnum

San Luis Obispo

Not their business

I have just about had it with residents of other countries writing letters to the editor lamenting vehicle use on the beach.

California has 840 miles of coastline and about 5 miles of it are open to vehicle use. These whiners from Canada and Portugal act like the coast should only be open to flower sniffers, bird watchers and pedestrians. They are not happy until they control it all. They need to mind their own business and if they don’t like how things are done here, go somewhere else to vacation.

The condescending attitude of the anti-off-highway vehicle crowd, acting like we should listen to them tell us what we should enjoy in life, is driving me nuts.

Jody Langford