Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/5

Cars on the beach shock

My hometown is Viana do Castelo, a small town located on the northwest coast of Portugal. I am traveling through the United States for three months and I have been in Texas, Massachusetts and New York. So far, California is the most beautiful state I have visited in this country.

I have never seen in my entire life cars driving on a beach like I did recently in Pismo Beach. I could not believe what I was seeing, hundreds of trucks using the beach as a road!

At first I was very confused because I could not understand how a human being without a car (like me) could actually enjoy such a beautiful ocean landscape and swim if trucks with trailers and RVs were passing by just a few meters from the water.

This lead me to the thought of how important the car industry is in this country. I really hope that one day this will change and those who refuse to drive a car will be considered.

Shouldn’t all pedestrians be able to place a towel and enjoy the sunset without being harassed by driving machines?

Duarte Lima


Shop smart, shop local

Want to get some exercise, keep local businesses open and help your neighbors at the same time? Park four blocks away and shop in any of the independently owned stores in the county.

You’ll find unique gifts, we’ll remain one of the best small areas in the United States and you’ll lose some weight. Win, win, win!

Helen Anderson

San Luis Obispo

No more chip sealing

As a longtime resident of Cayucos, I was delighted to learn several months ago that some of our streets were to be resurfaced. However, the chip- sealing process used has turned out to be a nightmare for us.

This three-step process involves laying down a sticky tarlike substance, which is then covered with very tiny rock chips and then sealed with a third layer of black sealer. It looked and worked great for about three months. Then the rock chips began to loosen.

Imagine now this scenario: Pebbles stuck in the soles of our shoes scratching the wood floors in our home, tire treads full of chips constantly thrown up under our car’s underbelly and gouges all over the middle of the street where no more chips remain, caused by drivers who turn their wheels before their car begins to move.

I’m tired of telling guests at my home to remove their shoes, weary of spending hours digging rock chips out of my tires and frustrated at constantly picking up tiny pebbles all over our property.

No more chip sealing, please. Next time, do it right or don’t do it at all!

Jim Pashone


Protest the sewer

I wish to call attention to the gentrification of the homeowners in Los Osos by this county.    

Supervisors and project staff will cause a depression here because of the cost of this county’s selection of an unaffordable, overly priced treatment plant wastewater project.

This flawed, wrong project will cause thousands of property owners and many businesses to leave Los Osos and also hurt businesses throughout the county.                This county’s decisions, if it were a private business, would cause them to be fired or go out of business. But politicians are experts on how to spend and waste other people’s money, aren’t they?        Now the people are mad as hell again at the county.

Green, affordable alternative wastewater projects using low pressure or vacuum can be built for one-third to one-half less than the cost of Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s gravity collection and energy hog treatment plant.     

Those in the prohibition zone of Los Osos are asking, “Why does the county want to waste the people’s money?”  

People trying to survive are not stupid. Write or pick up a protest form and send it to the recorder’s office so it arrives before Dec. 14.   

Ben DiFatta

Los Osos

Mayor says thanks

Thank you, Pismo Beach residents, for your faith, your trust and your support over the past 14 years. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your first directly elected mayor and to serve two additional terms.

I am committed to the city of Pismo Beach and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to be part of accomplishing the goals we have set. I look forward to working with the other City Council members to create policies that protect our quality of life and improve our economic and environmental well-being.

I appreciate your vote of confidence and I promise to work hard on your behalf.

Mary Ann Reiss

Pismo Beach City Council member-elect

Be responsible

I am very grateful for The Tribune’s publication of The Fresno Bee’s investigative series on illegal immigration.

The series was uniquely informative and long overdue in the context of public discourse. As the articles made very clear, few employers in the Central Valley make the effort to E-Verify prospective workers.

Regardless of the assorted rationalizations for breaking the law, the main reason illegal immigrants come to this country is that they can find a job.

These hard-working immigrants are often accused of unfairly burdening all Americans through their use of emergency rooms, schools and other public facilities. Thus, employers who hire illegal immigrants are essentially privatizing profits and socializing the costs, real and imagined.

In a land where personal responsibility is a mantra, it seems appropriate that employers who reap the direct financial benefits of hiring illegal immigrants be held responsible for the societal costs of their actions.

Doing so would render the schizophrenic co-dependency between the Valley economy and illegal immigrants more in keeping with American values, reduce the denigration of immigrants, motivate more adherence to the law and perhaps even ameliorate the oft-heard discrepancies between public expression and private behavior.

William Preston

San Luis Obispo

Pool’s mission blocked

The Pool at Morro Bay, a nonprofit foundation, would like to thank the community for their support during efforts to facilitate the building and maintenance of an aquatic center near Morro Bay High School to serve the health, safety, recreation and competition needs of surrounding communities.

The dual purpose of the pool is to serve students of Morro Bay High School and surrounding communities, providing a place to learn safety in water (required by the state of California) and to serve all ages in the community with lap swimming, aqua aerobics, competition teams and more.

The foundation has attempted partnership with the San Luis Coastal Unified School District, the city of Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo County to draft an accepted memorandum of understanding stipulating dedicated land near the front of Morro Bay High School and provision of capital funds as able, while The Pool at Morro Bay would raise capital funds and a maintenance endowment.

Unfortunately, the school district is putting solar panels on the land that was to be dedicated for the aquatic center, leaving no other sites for the pool that fit our mission statement. We can no longer accomplish our mission.

More information is available at www.thepoolatmorrobay.com.

Terry Brown, Jim Waska, Liz Moore, Cheri Grimm, Suzanne Brum Espino and Mike Espino

Tournament praised

The Straight Down Fall Classic is a one-of-a-kind golf event that brings professional golfers, PGA golf professionals and outstanding amateurs together to play for a title that equals any golf event out there.

Golf has the ability to bring all of these individuals together, but the event could not be done without the support of the city of San Luis Obispo and sponsors like The Kilt, Firestone Grill, Sunset Honda, BMW of Santa Maria, Rancho Grande Motors and Cole Chrysler Dodge Jeep Mazda. It is wonderful to be part of this incredible tournament and able to help out in a small way for such a great cause: the Monterey ALS clinic.

My thanks go out to all the sponsors involved, you make this tournament one-of-a-kind. To Mike Rowley and the Straight Down family, you are great and this is a tournament we look forward to every year. To the many volunteers, you make the stay in San Luis Obispo wonderful (it is hard to leave) and to the city of San Luis Obispo, thank you for your support of this tournament.

Scott Walter

Denver, Colo.

Los Osos thanked

A general thank you letter to the community of Los Osos for the generous support given to the food drive that the BayOsos Kiwanis Club conducted the week before Thanksgiving.

The food was collected from Vons and Ralphs supermarkets in Los Osos by members of the Kiwanis Club, Trinity United Methodist Church and the Church of the Nazarene.

Fifty-nine boxes of food, each with a frozen turkey supplied by the Golden State Water Company, were distributed to families in the area that otherwise would not have had a Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you all.

Joe Asire

BayOsos Kiwanis Club