Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/4

Police lure

Lay off excessive law enforcement, protect the law-abiding public from criminal recruitment and help San Luis Obispo balance its budget.

San Luis Obispo police were again caught lurking in the bushes outside legitimate business establishments, this time trying to lure the law-abiding into criminal misconduct. 

San Luis Obispo police criminal decoy operations recently targeted 75 law-abiding citizens (“Local Police Log,” Nov. 20), using a female lure to entice citizens into crime. 

The vast majority, 71, resisted being drawn into crime by this undercover cop decoy. Two were initially coaxed to cooperate with this criminal sting, but later refused to complete the crime as urged, and two allowed themselves to be seduced all the way and allegedly bought alcohol for the 19-year-old female.

All 75 citizens had their lives disrupted, their business delayed and had to grapple with whether or not to help a young woman in technical violation of the law.  Two of them allowed her to coax them into crime. Now these two get to spend a good part of their lives further clogging our already bloated court system.

Is excessive law enforcement really the best expenditure of our excessive taxes?

Roger Cleary


Standing by Souza

Regarding the article titled, “Ex-deputy faces assault charges” (Nov. 12): 

I have known Rocky Souza for more than 55 years. I know him to be an honest, goodhearted person. I trusted him with my life when we worked together.

When folks read the article that you published, they will draw the conclusion that he must be guilty. 

What is not mentioned in the article is that the previous incident written about in the story involved a relative of the alleged victim and few facts are known except what is gleaned from reports that are made available.

The things we do for love are not always in our best interests, but our hearts sometimes overrule our heads.

Those of us who know Souza know the truth and will continue to stand by him. In the end, that is more important than any one-sided article written.

When Souza is exonerated, I hope you tell the story in the same size bold print. I would also hope you print that Souza served the people of this county for 38 years of his life with dignity, integrity and pride.

Rick Cobbs

Morro Bay