Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/29

He wants Hanson

I’ve said it to The Tribune before, and I’ll say it again: Put Victor Davis Hanson in your regular weekly commentary lineup and take Paul Krugman out.

Hanson’s essay, “The George W. Bush fixation” (Nov. 18), accurately describes the Bush administration’s successes and failures and how the Obama administration, while outwardly decrying its predecessor, has quietly adopted many of its principles and positions.

All Krugman has ever done is denigrate the Bush administration and continually tout socialistic spendthrift proposals that are recipes for fiscal and monetary disaster for this country.

The huge debt these proposals would incur, on top of the debt we carry now, would destroy what economic credibility this country has left in the world and precipitate not just another recession, but a full-blown depression. For unlike Greece or Ireland, there would be no one around to bail us out.

It’s quite clear that Hanson is far more informative and objective in his presentations than Krugman and does a far greater service to your readers.

John Braun

Paso Robles

Carter’s thanks

I am extremely honored to have been re-elected to the City Council in San Luis Obispo. I thank all those who voted for me and all who assisted me during the campaign.

I also want to thank Julie Rodewald and her elections staff. They have the unenviable task of trying to make a process work that was designed for a different day and age. For there was a time when most people voted at the polls, not by absentee. There was also a time when most absentee ballots were sent in early, not at the last moment, and when people didn’t move as frequently and weren’t needing to cast provisional ballots on Election Day.

What this means is that Rodewald and her staff have tens of thousands of ballots to verify and count after election day. Yet they do this with efficiency, transparency and good humor while operating under significant budgetary constraints.

So thanks to them and to you who still believe it is important to vote.

Andrew Carter

San Luis Obispo

Straight up success

As a professional participant in the Straight Down Fall Classic for the 12th time at the San Luis Obispo Country Club a few weeks ago, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire community for their tremendous support of the event as well as the event sponsors.

The Kilt Restaurant, Firestone Grill, Sunset Honda, Rancho Grande Motors, BMW of Santa Maria, Cole Chrysler Dodge Jeep Mazda and the city of San Luis Obispo all helped provide an electric atmosphere at the San Luis Obispo Country Club alongside the Straight Down Clothing Company.

It is easily the best event we get to play in as club professionals, and it supports a great cause, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). I know I speak for most of my fellow professionals when I say that we greatly look forward to our journey to San Luis Obispo each November.

Mark Sherman