Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/26

Someone, step up

So what if some “t’s” were not crossed and “i’s” not dotted? The Mission Prep volleyball team had a great year. It’s time someone stepped to the net in the Los Padres League and made the proper decision to admit the young ladies to the postseason tournament (“Mission Prep feeling left out after playoff snub,” Nov. 9).

I’m not associated with Mission Prep in any manner, however, I do believe in fairness and smart people making smart decisions.

August Runte


Celebrate Camp Fire

Camp Fire USA, founded in 1910, is celebrating 100 years of ongoing programming for children throughout the United States.

Here in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, the Camp Fire USA Central Coast Council continues to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children with a variety of programs.

The organization should be honored for the work they do. The council owns a large resident camp in the remote area of Adelaide. More than 70 years ago, pioneers of Camp Fire found that camp site and purchased it for the girls in the program.

Since then, boys and girls have had wonderful, safe outdoor living and educational opportunities that they would not have anywhere else. This place is unique and special to children.

The camp has recently been approved by the American Camping Association. We encourage our readers to continue to support this agency’s work and offer contributions of their time, talent and other resources in support of these opportunities for children in Camp Fire.

Dorothy Truesdale

Camp Fire USA, retired executive director

Vote of confidence

How gracious Paul Brown was to have suggested in The Tribune that Dan Carpenter should occupy the vacant City Council seat because he came in a close third place in the council race (“Paul Brown concedes in race for SLO mayor,” Nov. 7).

I totally agree with Brown because Carpenter is extremely well qualified and has a long history of accomplishments for the city of San Luis Obispo, its citizens and its neighborhoods.

Naoma Wright

San Luis Obispo

Not too late for Bush

Kudos to Jenna Bush Hager for encouraging those who truly care about our country to get involved in community service (“Inspiration to serve,” Nov. 19). Perhaps before she finishes her tour, she can stop in Crawford, Texas, to remind its most-esteemed citizen that he, too, should commit to more than self-promotion and financial enterprises designed to increase his already immense wealth.

By contrast, former President Jimmy Carter has won a Nobel Prize for contributions to world good and former President Bill Clinton has raised billions for the welfare of the needy since leaving office.

Like O.J. Simpson and Oedipus, former President George W. Bush needs to realize that the villains of mass destruction can most readily be found in the mirror, so he should stop looking elsewhere.

It is not too late for him to give back at least a small portion of what he has already taken from the world. Here’s hoping Bush can gain some wisdom from his daughter.

Lucy Conklin

Los Osos

Ungrateful Iraq

I noticed a small article in the Nov. 19 edition of The Tribune that listed the nations that have declined to attend the Nobel ceremony awarding the Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo (“Nobel Peace Prize likely will not be handed out this year”).

Some are the usual suspects: Russia, Cuba and, of course, China, but one is apparently Iraq. At first I thought, “This must be a typo, surely it’s Iran,” but, no, it is Iraq!

So, let me get this straight. After we have spent $1 trillion and sacrificed thousands of American lives in order to “democratize” Iraq, that country’s government (I use the term loosely) thumbs its nose at the United States and sides with China in its disapproval at its jailed “dissident” receiving a Nobel prize.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Joe Whitaker

Arroyo Grande

Slow for downtown

Here we go again, $12,000 to $16,000 to attract people to Grover Beach (“Grover looks to lure visitors, businesses,” Nov. 9).

All the businesses on Grand Avenue are on the sidewalk’s edge and at 35 mph, all one sees when they drive by is a blur. Slow the traffic and a downtown will rise up from the ashes.

Slowing it down does not cost $16,000 of taxpayer money. Grover Beach will never become a unique destination or a comfortable place to shop as long as the 35 mph speed limit remains.

Just change the speed limit signs to 25 mph or, better yet, 15 mph in the downtown area, and I promise business will improve right away. Vacancies will disappear, sidewalk cafes will appear and a downtown will be reborn.

Let’s not throw more of our hard-earned tax dollars after badly spent money! Morro Bay did it on Morro Bay Boulevard and Pismo Beach did it on Price Street and they are both working great. Now it is time for Grover Beach to step up to the plate and create a downtown, which at present it does not have!

City Council, put your egos aside and do the right thing, it is way overdue!

Vants Anseth

Grover Beach

Leaders, stay home

California’s government is bleeding red ink. California’s businesses are hurting and closing. California’s legislators are meeting in Hawaii with corporate officers and lobbyists discussing California issues and California legislative concerns (“22 state legislators in Hawaii with interest groups,” Nov. 17)!

Is there no place in California these 175 government and corporate leaders could find to meet to discuss California business?

Thanks to The Tribune and The Sacramento Bee for showing us, one more time, that many of California’s elected leaders still do not get it. We elect you to represent and promote California. Should not the leaders of the California Independent Voter Project know better?

Dennis Wormley

Baywood Park