Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/25

Lucky to live here

We Americans live in the greatest nation in the world. Our Constitution gives us rights unparalleled anywhere else. We have instant access to food, water and electricity. We live in a nation where anyone can succeed with enough hard work.

With all the doom and gloom in politics and the news lately, I think it is important that we Americans do not take for granted that we are so lucky to live here.

Nolan Sykes


Toys for Tots history

I’m thrilled that San Luis Obispo Nightwriters is donating to Toys for Tots!

My husband and I have been involved in the organization for 10 years, ever since the local campaign was taken on by the local Marine Corps League Detachment #680.

Toys for Tots has been helping needy children for more than 60 years. It was started by a woman who made a Raggedy Ann doll. She gave it to her World War II Marine veteran husband to give to a needy kid.

He tried, but no social service would accept a lone gift because they did not want to make the other kids sad they got none. The Marine returned the doll to his wife along with why and she said simply, do it yourself.

He got several other veteran Marines together and they collected about 5,000 toys that first year.

The next year, the idea spread across the entire country (Marines are like that)!

I run our local campaign, covering San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara North County. We have volunteers who once were those kids getting an unexpected gift when they thought Santa could not find them.

Barbara Wolcott

San Luis Obispo

Recycle fryer oil

I am thrilled that so many people I talk to these days are dedicated to making their holiday a cleaner and greener one. This Thanksgiving, we all can do one more thing to help the environment: Deep fry your turkey and then recycle the waste vegetable oil into biodiesel.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, the American Biodiesel Buyers Club will be holding a waste vegetable oil collection event at Morin Brothers Automotive, 4090 Broad Street in San Luis Obispo. This waste oil will be taken to a commercial biodiesel production facility in California and turned into a fuel that can be used in any diesel engine.

The volunteers from the American Biodiesel Buyers Club will be on hand at the event to answer questions about sustainable biodiesel. More information can be found at the website, www.ambioclub.org.

Go ahead, deep fry that turkey and make it a green Thanksgiving.

Margo Camilleri

American Biodiesel Buyers Club president

Always Thanksgiving

Why do we wait until the last Thursday in November to spend time with our families and be thankful? Recently, when my cousins were in town, we all got together at my grandmother’s house and had a pretend Thanksgiving a couple of weeks early. It was very easy and a great time.

I would love if our family and friends could get together and celebrate Thanksgiving more often than once per year. As long as loved ones are together, even the simplest and quickest meal can be meaningful. Being thankful and spending time with family should not have to wait for one stressful day in November.

Allison Keefer


Straight Down is tops

I want to thank everyone in San Luis Obispo for their gracious hospitality during this year’s Straight Down Fall Classic. Having been in the hospitality business for more than 20 years, I know what a good event is, and I must say, the Fall Classic is a great event.

Much of the success of this annual tournament can be attributed to the town, its residents and the generous support of the tournament sponsors.

Each year, my partner and I look forward to our annual trip to San Luis Obispo. We can’t wait to three-putt half the greens at the San Luis Obispo Country Club, get a tri-tip sandwich at Firestone Grill, do a little shopping and then enjoy a nightcap at Blue. Congratulations on another wonderful event. Can’t wait for 2011!

Chase Stigall

Reno, Nev.