Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/24

Why any benefits?

This letter won’t win me many friends, but I don’t care. Why should we extend any benefits to illegal immigrants? They are illegal (forbidden by law or statute, unlawful or criminal).

These immigrants get in-state tuition breaks that are forbidden to any other legal citizen from out of state. Does that make any sense? This is exactly why we are being overrun with illegal immigrants who do not want anything to do with what America stands for and they do not desire to assimilate like everyone else before them did.

We all know about “give and take,” but they only want the “take.” California spends $7.7 billion on children of illegal immigrants in K-12 and $10.5 billion overall on illegal immigrants (education, health care and incarceration).

That $10 billion sure would help our budget shortfall. Wake up Californians, illegal means illegal, not undocumented or some other “feel good” term. Our schools, colleges and health care are for the benefit of United States citizens and those on the legal path to it!

Rod Everling


Misplaced priorities

The Rob Hotakainen article about birthright citizenship published in The Tribune ticked me off to say the least (“GOP to target ‘birthright citizenship,’ ” Nov. 18).

Have these uppity Republicans got nothing else to do? We have wars, poverty, global climate change, etc. to worry about and some have chosen this as their battle.

I think this is very disturbing. It shows the misplaced mind of these wingnuts. This country was begun by immigrants, fought for by immigrants and made better because of immigrants. Their children should not be the focus of our elected officials when there are far more important issues that need attention.

Never will I vote for a Republican. They are mean-spirited, selfish and elitist. Let’s reject these pompous representatives and expose them for what they are: ignorant.

Susie Schleppenbach

Paso Robles

Take a pay cut

Regarding the recent approval by the San Luis Obispo City Council to accept four employee unions’ contracts (“SLO OKs agreements with labor unions,” Nov. 17), I congratulate the unions for being sensitive to the city’s financial needs and I have a suggestion for the remaining contract to be approved.

To the police union, I have a strong suggestion: take a voluntary pay cut.

During the last contract negotiation, you came to the bargaining table with demands for a pay increase that was probably higher than you expected to receive, leaving room to negotiate a pay raise that was reasonable to both the union and the city.

By having binding arbitration decide, you received every demand you listed. If you take a voluntary pay cut, you help protect our city budget and are more in line with surrounding community police forces.

Let’s face it, that higher salary you gained caused a reduction to staff. A voluntary pay cut would help your argument to fill those two positions you want, not to mention make the citizens happier.

As a state employee who has taken a 15 percent pay cut, you will figure out a reduced personal budget and survive.

Annie Malak

San Luis Obispo

How we got here

Attention all Democrats, Republicans, left-wingers, right-wingers, tea party members and fence sitters: See the movie, “Inside Job.” It is a documentary that explains how we allowed ourselves to get into the mess we are in now.

This film explains just how we allowed the mega banks to drag us down. How the mortgage on your house got into the hands of the stock market and how from Reagan to Obama, the crooks have stayed in power and continue to make millions of dollars.

See how the retirement funds many of us belong to were tricked into buying worthless investments. See what caused Iceland to go from a strong financial country to bankruptcy.

For those of you who want to stop government regulation, see this film. You will understand what happened when Reagan allowed regulations to be dropped and how the banks got into our pockets. How all of our presidents have gone along with this and how we continue to have some of the very crooks who sold us down the river still in power.

This is a must-see film for an education of what continues to happen on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C. See it now.

David B. Williams

Arroyo Grande

Unjustly illegal

Regarding the defeat of Proposition 19, the marijuana initiative, I would like to express my opinion to those Californians who voted against it.

First, marijuana helps you live if you use it right. Secondly, no individual, society or government has the right to dictate to human beings what they can or cannot ingest into their bodies. The opposition to legalization in immoral and unjust.

Zachary Moore

Morro Bay