Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/22

Wake up to warming

The article titled “World’s ice is melting faster than we think” (Nov. 14) was excellent and should serve as yet another wake-up call.

The world’s climate is warming and has been for more than a century. Few climatologists deny that global warming is occurring, and most of the deniers are either working for fossil fuel energy companies or are politicians.

In the latest edition of “Foreign Affairs” in an article titled “Globalizing the energy revolution,” author Michael Levi and others point out that “oil remains indispensable to the global economy, but it is increasingly produced in places that present big commercial, environmental, and geopolitical risks; greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in the atmosphere; and the odds that the world will face catastrophic climate change are increasing.” They are correct.

So long as Americans take the word of fossil fuel producers and the politicians they’ve bought and paid for over that of scientists, we will not be able to address either energy problems or the potential for future global warming.

Would it not be better to face these problems head on, facts in hand, rather than to be led along a primrose path by corporations and politicians who have huge conflicts of interest?

Gary Peters

Paso Robles

Ideas for Grover

As a longtime resident of Grover Beach, I must say that I have not seen any improvement in the revenue that comes to this town. Yes, the West Grand Avenue project looks nice, seems nice and all, but is it the answer? I think it’s not.

It took longer then expected, caused traffic turmoil, nearly broke local businesses and raised a lot of questions. I understand the City Council wanting to bring revenue into town and make things better for the citizens, but nice palm trees aren’t the answer. I don’t think they will help this town get the big revenue.

As long as Pismo Beach is next door, we won’t get anything. People come to Pismo Beach for the shopping and beach, not Grover. Their roads are better, and they have better stores and restaurants.

My street has never been fixed in the 20-plus years I’ve lived here. This has to stop! We need to repair our roads and sidewalks before we put nice palm trees up. My vision and ideas I think are best for Grover Beach. Let’s help our businesses and residents the right way. I like this town, and I want to see it prosper.

Joseph Holmes

Grover Beach

A classic tourney

San Luis Obispo doesn’t have Major League Baseball, the NFL or even the NBA, but for golf fans, we recently had the Straight Down Fall Classic. Local businessman Mike Rowley put on a world-class tournament at the San Luis Obispo Country Club with players such as Fred Couples, Loren Roberts, David Frost and many others from the Champions and PGA tours.

Locals were treated to exciting golf and great weather, and it was free to the public. All this while raising $15,000 for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). It just seemed like a perfect fit for San Luis Obispo. We were very proud.

Michael Pineau

San Luis Obispo