Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/21

Zimmerman message

A special thank you to everyone who supported me during my run for San Luis Obispo County 4th District supervisor. I am especially grateful to my wife, Joan, and my family for their tireless support. Thank you to Vickey and the rest of my office staff who will be happy to get full use of the law office back.

Thanks to my volunteer campaign manager, Juliza Hernandez, for her extraordinary efforts this last year and a half and also to all my volunteers for their countless hours of hard work and dedication. I appreciate everyone who voted for me as well as those who supported my campaign financially.

To everyone I’ve met on the campaign trail, it’s been a privilege and honor to have met you and spoken with you about your concerns for the county.

I also want to congratulate Paul Teixeira and his team for their win. I know Teixeira will hold true to his campaign promises and I will support him in any way that I can as he tackles the issues facing South County. I wish him the best of luck. Please join me in welcoming our new 4th District Supervisor, Paul Teixeira.

Mike Zimmerman

Arroyo Grande

Modica says thanks

Thanks to the many people and organizations who helped me campaign for re-election as city treasurer. It was heartening that some of the people who were so helpful and giving of their time were strangers to me a few months ago.

Jim and Janet Stecher, Ron Walters, Madalyn McDaniel, A Better Atascadero, the Atascadero Firefighters Association, Donn Clickard, Al Fonzi and Len Colamarino were all instrumental in giving support and advice. And I needed it!

Thanks also to current and past office holders for their backing: Jerry Clay, Roberta Fonzi, Ellen Beraud, Becky Pacas, Tom O’Malley, Ray Johnson, Bob Wilkins, Dennis Schmidt, Brian Sturtevant, David Graham, Chuck Ward and Rolfe Nelson.

Thanks to supporters Don Price, Terry and Gloria O’Farrell, Grigger Jones, Dena and Olan Kaigel, Don Idler, Beth Wingett, Bill Ausman, Larry Putnam and Terry and Elisa Leigan.

Finally, I’d like to thank the voters who sorted through the issues, had faith and gave me their vote. My plan is to continue keeping the office non-political, working with city staff and the City Council and safely investing the city’s funds.

Joe Modica

Atascadero city treasurer

Support appreciated

With the 2010 election behind us, we would like to take a moment to thank the many supporters of the No on H effort. It is because of all of you that the election outcome was so conclusive.

Your willingness to work collectively to get the word out regarding the facts on Measure H was truly inspiring. Public safety, emergency responders, baseball, soccer and rugby enthusiasts, bicyclists, political candidates and existing political leaders, moms, dads, kids, business owners, neighborhood associations and more all worked together for a common goal.

Because of you, our town will have more dedicated open space, athletic fields, Class I bike trails, safer pedestrian pathways to schools and improved access to affordable housing. Thank you for all of your work. San Luis Obispo is the wonderful place it is because of you.

John Spatafore, Hillary Trout and Stacey White

No on H co-chairs

Candidate thanks

I would like to thank all the people who voted for me in the race for mayor of Arroyo Grande. It means a lot to me that you all voted for me and wanted a change in the office.

It is my hope that you all will continue to keep informed of what is happening in the city of Arroyo Grande. Make the City Council listen and be accountable to the citizens of Arroyo Grande.

Timothy Moore

Arroyo Grande

More appreciation

The Atascadero election is over and I congratulate my good friend, Tom O’Malley, for retaining his City Council seat. Also my fellow Planning Commissioner, Brian Sturtevant, for winning the open seat on the City Council.

As our city moves into the financially challenging years ahead, we will all be well served with these two fine men on our council.

I also thank my great wife, Barbara, and our family for being totally supportive throughout the campaign, David Frayer, my campaign treasurer/webmaster extraordinaire who kept me well grounded and Councilman Jerry Clay for being a high energy example of how to always take the high road, even if it costs a few votes.

Also Councilman Bob Kelley for his endorsement and fellow planning commissioner, Dennis Schmidt, and his magnificent 1920 Model T Roadster, that together made the Colony Day parade a day to remember. To the many who wrote letters of support and those who made donations to my campaign, a big thank you.

Finally, to the many citizens I have had the pleasure to meet and talk with during this campaign, I will forever be thankful for this enriching experience. If I could do it over again, knowing the results, I’d still do it.

Chuck Ward