Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/18

Humbled by election

Thank you, San Luis Obispo voters, for electing me mayor. I am especially grateful to the more than 400 grassroots volunteers and donors who enabled my campaign to succeed, even without the infusion of substantial outside financing by a Political Action Committee.

Like other heated contests in California, this race demonstrated that simply having more money to spend is not enough to win. I am honored and humbled by the faith residents have placed in me and look forward to doing my best in office.

The swearing-in ceremony is on Dec. 1 at noon at City Hall. Please come join us!

Jan Marx, mayor-elect

San Luis Obispo

A new motto

Regarding the letter to the editor published on Nov. 14 titled, “Americans first:”

I could not agree more with David Sumi’s viewpoint of the polarization of our country.

Have we as Americans forgotten the famous adage, “United we stand, divided we fall”?

With our newly elected Congress, I hope the two parties will adhere to the wise aforementioned adage. My version of the motto would be, “United we stand, divided we fail.”

Simone M. Leroux

San Luis Obispo

For sale to unions

I read the letter from Donald O’Connor titled, “State not for sale” (Nov. 12). I could not help but think how naive he must be to think that our state was not for sale during the last election because it was sold to the unions that supported Jerry Brown.

Wake up America (and wake up O’Connor), money does buy elections. In this case, the unions bought Brown, who will have to repay them for their support.

Iza Young

Arroyo Grande

Need better news

While part of me likes the fact that I live in a town that doesn’t offer up daily murders, rapes and shootings during the TV news, another part of me is very annoyed that for a week now, we’ve heard over and over about the ship stranded off the San Diego coast.  

Same old story, same complaints from the same interviews. Yes, there was some discomfort and yes, the toilets backed up right away. But to complain that “we didn’t have any entertainment” and “all we had was cold food”? To have to listen to that over and over just gets old.  

Please give us something to tune in to. Please give us some news that is actually interesting instead of the same stories over and over for the two-hour morning news and then again for an hour in the evening.  

Monica Becker


Gotta love Marrett

Your front-page article on George Marrett was delightful to read (“He risked his life for downed fliers,” Nov. 11).

He is not only a skilled pilot, but a compassionate humanitarian and an excellent author. His books are all about aviation and include very interesting human stories that come alive because of his meticulous research, genuine interest in people and wonderful sense of humor.

All of the pages in his books are packed with informative and interesting stories. He attributes his success as an author to his best editor-in-chief, his wife Jan.

I have three of his books, including “Cheating Death” (about his military rescue missions in South East Asia), “Contrails over the Mojave” (gleaned from his experience and knowledge as a test pilot) and “Howard Hughes: Aviator.”

Of the many things that impress me about my friend George, I am most impressed by his genuine interest in people. He reaches out. But also, he finds a need and fills it. And somehow, he always manages to tie it all together with his love of flying. Read his books. You will know George intimately when you do. And you can’t help but love him.

Jim Carlisle


Stork right for Cuesta

Now that the elections are behind us, I would like to encourage the trustees at Cuesta College to take on another task. I know that the hiring of a superintendent/president for Cuesta is done a little differently than most of the residents of San Luis Obispo realize.

I would like to encourage the trustees to receive permission from the chancellor’s office to conduct a search for the new head of Cuesta, and hopefully Gil Stork will throw his hat into the ring for the job.

I believe there is not another man or woman who has the confidence of the Cuesta staff and the leadership ability to keep Cuesta a leader in the community college family.

I have seen how he has taken charge of the school in these tough financial times and has been able to bring everyone together to help Cuesta fulfill its mission in our community, making Cuesta a true leader in education.

Stork is the man for the job, so let’s get be-hind Stork and move the trustees in doing the right thing for Cuesta College and San Luis Obispo County.

George E. Galvan