Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/13

Equal treatment

The state of California has for years benefited the few while the majority supports its government, but that is likely to change. Voters on Nov. 2 voted “yes” on Proposition 25, which will allow legislators to pass bills with a majority vote rather than the two-thirds previously required.

It is about time every citizen be treated equally. The state budget demands it. To what extent the budget will be reduced by eliminating the benefits to the few at the expense of the rest of us is yet to be determined, but to those of us who have carried the extra burden far too long, equity is more important. I do not doubt, however, that equity will reduce the budget.

The Bush tax cuts of 2001, with the provision that it be lifted in 2010, strikes me as falling into the same category. One would think that the gift to the ultra-rich for nine years is sufficient; it will not be taken away. I think it is shameful that Republicans should insist the benefit to the rich be renewed at the expense of the national budget to benefit America’s expanding aristocracy.

Ken Ramey

Paso Robles

Obama the salesman

The perspective in The Tribune by the San Jose Mercury News, titled “Obama needs to step up his game,” tells President Barack Obama to “man up,” go back to the 2007 superstar rhetoric and not compromise with Republicans or let them obstruct (Nov. 8).

Candidate Obama railed that everything Republicans had done was wrong and would be undone in his presidency. He was awarded that high office along with a House of Representatives majority and a filibuster-proof Senate. He then announced to the world that Democrats won and Republicans needed to get out of the way. In stylish rhetoric, he subsequently took away the Republican keys to the car and told them to ride in the back.

Republican compromise and obstruction are either a media fantasy or a media in denial about their superstar. After all, there is more to being a leader than a Harvard degree and stadium speeches. Maybe Obama is just a good looking, smooth talking, Jon Stewart “dude” who is in over his head.

Maybe he is like the salesman who, on his wedding night, could manage only to sit on the edge of the bed and tell his new bride how good it was going to be.

Pat Moore

Morro Bay

Arroyo centennial

2011 will be a year of celebration in the city of Arroyo Grande as we honor our centennial! Events are planned throughout the year with a special celebration on July 10, 2011, the 100th anniversary of the city’s incorporation.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in the exciting celebration. Community involvement for this historic event is encouraged. There are naming opportunities in the new Centennial Park as well as business and individual banner sponsorships. There are many activities that businesses and individuals can become a part of such as the bike ride, gala entertainment, booths, parade and the fireworks finale.

The Centennial Celebration is a time for community pride, unity, heritage and fun! To learn more about the Arroyo Grande centennial and how you can become involved, please call me at 473-6859 or the city of Arroyo Grande at 473-5400.

Iris Marie Swisher

Arroyo Grande