Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/9

Office for sale

Your recent editorial column (“Midterm election post-mortem,” Nov. 4) gave the “best lesson” award to the idea that “pouring $142 million of your personal fortune into your own campaign is no guarantee of success.”

A number of your other readers wrote that it showed that someone wealthy cannot buy an elected office.

How naive!

I remember someone by the name of John F. Kennedy who was quite wealthy and bought his way into numerous elections.

While I do not know if Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina would have done a good job, I do know that part of the reason they had to spend money was to get known by the electorate. They did not play the political game of giving up on their core values for the sake of getting an office.

Money was spent on both sides, in record numbers this election. That is the lesson that must be learned. Money will not guarantee an election, but money is required to win. Until something is done to correct that problem, we will be stuck with people who will say what they need to say to get elected by the people, then go to work paying off those who invested in their campaigns.

Ken Koenen

Paso Robles

A promise kept

I am writing to thank the hundreds of individuals and many organizations that contributed to the amazing work that was accomplished in my race for the California state Assembly. I believe this campaign did something new for those who share our beliefs, and I am proud of what we accomplished, all of us together.

While we did not win, we proved that we can run a campaign with a positive vision for the future based on our greatest ideals of compassion and social justice, while at the same time stay rooted in fiscal accountability. We proved that we can agree to disagree and engage in constructive debate with civility. I pledged to never run a negative ad, exaggerate my opponent’s record or attack his character. I’m proud that we fulfilled that promise. Most importantly, I’m proud that we kept that promise every single day of this campaign.

During this campaign, we lost several people who made a difference. My beloved mother, our dear friend Estelle Wall and friend to many, Roger Lyon. Each of them was inspiring to many, and all believed that action was required to make the world a better place. It is that value that lives inside of my own heart, my own spirit which keeps me moving forward to create leadership and action at all levels of our community — political and social.

I am honored to have served as the Democratic nominee for the California state Assembly, and I am honored to now call so many of you my friends. I hope that you will all join me in congratulating our new assemblyman, Katcho Achadjian.

Hilda Zacarias

Santa Maria