Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/2

The name game

Among San Luis Obispo’s many charms, one of the quirkiest is its long tradition of tautologous naming. This fine tradition has given us Laguna Lake (Lake Lake), Cuesta Grade (Grade Grade) and El Camino Way (Way Way.)

In a similar vein, a sign in the Atascadero Zoo directs visitors to the “Bird Aviary” (to distinguish it, presumably, from the Camel Aviary).

I am saddened beyond measure that a recent variation on the theme, apparent only to the auditory sense but no less noteworthy for that, is about to be lost, for soon the city of San Luis Obispo will no longer have, as its principal executive, the gentleman with the delightful title, “Mayor-o Mayor-o” (Try saying it aloud twice).

Claire Duffy

San Luis Obispo

Thanks for the fun

I would like to thank the Atascadero First Assembly Church for putting on a Halloween carnival event for families.

We found this event last year by accident. Held in an open field on Del Rio Road, east of Highway 101, there was plenty of food, friendly staff, bounce houses, candy, bales of hay, paintball guns, air pellet guns, bows and arrows, a bean bag toss, a ping pong ball toss and other games for children of all ages.

This free event is a fun experience for the entire family. The event is well organized, family friendly and well decorated.

The Swanson family


A great tragedy

Flying Samaritan Roger Lyon’s untimely death (“Patients, colleagues mourn,” Oct. 19) is a great tragedy to his family, friends and also the land conservation movement.

I first met Lyon when he was a new member of the San Luis Obispo County Counsel’s office and I was a member of the Board of Supervisors. Here are two examples, 30 years apart, of how his love of nature and his own very generous nature impressed me.

Early in his legal career, Lyon would annually permit my entire Cal Poly fisheries class to come and experience the marvelous spawning migration of land-locked steelhead that (then) ran from Whale Rock Reservoir upstream through his property.

Last spring, while closing down his Cayucos law office, Lyon still found time to review, critique and re-write documents necessary to prepare a bargain sale of our Maine forest preserve to a local land trust. Believing deeply in what we were doing, he said he would be our legal “coach” but would not accept any compensation for his services.

When that transfer finally happens, I will honor Lyon’s giant love for conserving natural resources by dedicating one of the few ancient giant white pines in our Bath preserve to his memory.

Richard J. Krejsa

San Luis Obispo