Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/1

Leash your dog

When I take my leashed dog for a walk, I run into way too many threatening confrontations with unleashed dogs, and it is becoming a problem in my neighborhood.

We do have leash laws in this city. If you violate those laws, you could lose your dog to animal control. If your unleashed dog harms me or my leashed dog, I will file a lawsuit.

This will not be tolerated. Keep your dogs on a leash if they are not in a backyard. The first injury that occurs to myself or my dog, even minor, I will slap that lawsuit on you.

There is no reason why a person should have to fear walking their leashed dog in their own neighborhood because of irresponsible pet owners.

Mickey Lawson

Shell Beach

Sizing up sharks

I want to express my sincere sadness for the parents of Lucas Ransom, the bodyboarder killed by a shark recently at Surf Beach. I wanted to send this letter before but hesitated because I was concerned it would be misinterpreted. Now that there has been yet another attack off our coasts, I feel something should be mentioned.

Since California state legislatures began their draconian regulation spree undercutting our commercial fishing fleet, they have significantly diminished the presence of fishing in our waters. With marine mammal protections came the banning of gill nets in certain depths, the installation of hundreds of miles of marine protected areas and the buying out of most of the trawl permits. This has allowed for the emergence and propagation of white sharks and their prey.

Fishing is not always a bad thing and in fact is helpful in preventing the balance of nature from tilting toward the takeover of larger predators in the ocean to the point that it is always unsafe to go swimming in our oceans.

Unfortunately, I think we will be seeing more attacks.

Sheri Hafer


Thanks for cleanup

Celebrate Los Osos wishes to gratefully thank the 125 volunteers who tirelessly worked to clean Cuesta Inlet as part of California Coastal Cleanup Day. The Baywood Navy, the Grizzly Youth Academy, Outside Now (a nature academy in San Luis Obispo), Arroyo Grande High School students and Celebrate Los Osos volunteers made the event possible.

Together, they cleaned up 11 acres. They pushed, pulled, carried, floated, dragged, toted, towed and otherwise deposited about 4,000 pounds of junk into a roll-off donated by Mission Country Disposal.

Nearly 18,000 pounds of boats and trailers were moved to an impound area where they will be stored temporarily. Those not claimed by their owners will be considered abandoned and sold at auction in November with proceeds going toward raising and disposing of a sunken boat at the inlet and for the ongoing maintenance of the Los Osos Valley Road median strip.

It took more than a year working with various agencies and authorities to get to the cleanup day and just 31⁄2 hours to clean up the inlet!

Gratitude is one of the most difficult of all human emotions to express — so all we can say is a simple “thank you.” You did a great job, and you are very much appreciated!

Pandora Nash-Karner and Jan Harper

Celebrate Los Osos

No more gravy train

Alison Cone has already announced her retirement, but the Cal Poly administration feels she should be brought up to a “standard” wage for the position now? (“Poly official got hefty raise,” Oct. 13.) Are you kidding me? I call it a blatant example of income, or wage, spiking!

When most others on campus are feeling the belt tightening that the recessed economy has wrought, Cone and a select few others on campus have been getting raises the past few years. This seems to be incredibly selfish to me as our taxes go toward funding these institutions, yet our young people are squeezed out by lower admission rates and higher fees, only so that some may be insulated. It’s appalling!

It’s no wonder the outcry for public sector income and pension reform is so high up on polls and surveys — it’s a system that’s been abused for far too long and rightfully needs to be reformed and updated to meet the economy of the times.

This is just one of several examples that brings to the forefront the need for reform in all public sectors. The gravy train is over!

Dave Giordanengo

Pismo Beach