Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/31

Elderly need access to drive-thrus

I found it interesting that the Wall Street Journal cited San Luis Obispo’s lack of drive-thru restaurants as a positive for retired residents (“San Luis Obispo on ‘Wall Street Journal’s’ best places list,” Oct. 21).

I feel this is a real negative for elderly and disabled residents who can drive, but may not be physically mobile. My father was able to pick up his medicines at a pharmacy drive-thru and could go get a cup of coffee or a meal at a restaurant drive-thru before moving here.

This ordinance has limited his independence.

I think this has a negative impact for many of our retirees, not to mention a negative impact on sales tax revenue as my father, and I am sure many others, drive out of town to avail themselves of the conveniences of drive-thru restaurants.

Melissa Angel

San Luis Obispo

Troops need to come home

Memo to the White House and Congress: Stop the insanity, bring the troops home. You can do it.

Frank Fiedler

Morro Bay

Give logic a try

The other day, I was looking through my latest issue of “National Geographic” when I came upon a picture of an ancient walled city. The caption under the picture was, “What was it like to live during the Middle Ages?”

The first thing that came into my mind was, “vote Republican and find out,” for haven’t we been regressing under Republican pressure since Ronald Reagan became president?

Implementing the slogan “Get the government off the backs of business” has allowed the laissez-faire free trade operators to generate an economy in which the middle class has shrunk, the rich have become much wealthier and the poor have become poorer and increased in number.

Since the present administration has not solved all of our problems and brought back all the good jobs that have been exported, the voters may decide to elect more Republicans instead of making the House of Representatives and the Senate “filibuster proof” by electing more Democrats. Why not give logic a try?

John M. Gault

Los Osos

Fearful thinking

We all have the potential to be open to new ideas and inquisitive of things that we don’t understand. Capturing this curiosity is a path for us to learn and understand our differences while still being true to our individuality and our loving selves.

We also have the potential to be fearful of things we don’t understand. Fearful thinking can manifest into our seeing unfamiliar things as a threat, causing us to protect ourselves from the danger.

Some prominent political leaders have tapped into this vein of fear we all possess and are attempting to terrify and exploit us to promote their own power. The building of mosques, gay marriage, undocumented workers, President Barack Obama and health care reform are just a few of many threats they claim will lead to our destruction.

Our young country is at a crossroads. Will we learn about forward-looking ideas, changing with the times, or will we view new and unfamiliar things as potentially harmful and a threat to our existence?I’m not naïve; I know we have real enemies who are a threat to our existence, not the artificial enemies made up by extreme right-wing politicians.

Ron Belben

Paso Robles

Vote your beliefs

Richard Venable, a passionate Libertarian supporter, died Oct. 20 after casting his final absentee ballot.

Dick and I spoke many times about how money and media have distorted the elections. With all the focus on how much money a candidate has, it is difficult not to react negatively.

Our reaction, and we hope your readers’, is to absolutely never, I mean never, vote for the candidates with major money and media backing. Fortunately, we Libertarians often have a choice we believe in and can tell others this: “If there is no one we like, no Libertarian, we don’t vote at all.”

So don’t be scared to vote your beliefs, whatever they are or how underfunded the candidate is. Don’t worry about the person you don’t like getting elected. The outcome will be the same with or without you, as more and more voters simply don’t bother at all because they prefer “none of the above,” like us.

Gail Lightfoot and Paul Polson

Libertarian Party of San Luis Obispo

Governing people

Most of our politicians and their corporate backers, aside from leaving out the glaring fact that all our money has been spent on war, have also forgotten a few basic truths: In order just to survive, human beings need clean air, clean water, real food and adequate shelter.

In order to thrive, we need readily available health care; easily accessible, completely affordable education for anyone who wants it; and communities filled with art and music where people feel like they belong — the place they call home.

The ability to govern a people on a fragile, living planet has little to do with running a business. We are not commodities. We are more than money and the balance on a ledger.

I will not vote for candidates who tout their business acumen while neglecting the fact that we are all human beings who hunger and thirst on every level. To say that some need their taxes cut while others sleep in boxes is not governing, it is blasphemy.

Dian Sousa

Los Osos

Preserve middle class

The Republican leadership, with their “Pledge to America,” wants to privatize the Veteran’s Administration health care system. And they want to privatize Social Security and Medicare. 

They want to “re-educate” our nation by cutting education funding at all levels. They also want to give tax breaks to two percent of the wealthiest people, which will cost taxpayers more in deficits over the next 10 years. They seem to want to stop all the progress that has kept us from another Great Depression. 

The Republican Party’s filibusters have resulted in gridlock and slowed any job growth because of their political posturing to stop any progress.

The Republican leadership duped us into wars that weren’t paid for and tax cuts for their corporate friends if they outsourced jobs.  If the Republicans take back control of the House of Representatives, our whole civilized safety-net will be sold off to Wall Street and this country will be irreparably damaged.

If you are an independent voter, look at the choices here and vote for growth. Be sure to vote this coming Tuesday for those who will serve our state and nation moving forward in preserving the middle class.

Scott Jenkins

San Luis Obispo

Good luck to us all

Now that my vote by mail ballot has been sent and received, I can finally ignore all the special and not-so-special interests, the obvious and hidden agendas and the vicious ads coming from every direction trying to persuade little old me to vote for whatever or whomever. I feel great. I strongly recommend voting by mail. Try it, you’ll like it.

Unfortunately, once the election orgy is over, we will still have an extremely tight job market, war in far away places, lots of unhappy losers and a minimal number of elected and unelected public “servants” actually doing what is best for the city, county, state or country. Good luck to all of us. 

Ron Doron

San Luis Obispo