Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/30

To legalize or not?

I have been surprised by the lack of discussion about Proposition 19, the legalization of marijuana. 

One premise is that the bill would help resolve California’s budget problems, but I don’t think it can. I would hope people would make an informed, not solely emotional, decision on this issue. You can read the issues brought up in the RAND study at www.rand.org.

If cities tax legal marijuana, how many people would pay for the taxed product when they can grow it at home in their yard or closet or buy it for a reduced price from friends or neighbors? Who is going to make sure home grown marijuana is not being produced for sales?

There is also no provision for money to fund treatment services for those with the unintended consequences of overuse: loss of motivation, depression and dependency. Today’s marijuana is not the pot of the 1970s, but much more potent.

It may be time to legalize marijuana but we need a more strategic, long-range approach. I will be voting “no” on Proposition 19.

Mary Peracca

San Luis Obispo

Best interests

Mark Millis is the Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association-endorsed candidate for school board. Millis will serve our students’ and schools’ best interests.

He states, “Even as we face leaner budgetary times, it is important that cuts to jobs and programs take place as far away from the classroom as possible. Ensuring that students receive the best possible education is our first priority.”

Students, and the teachers who serve them, need a school board member who will represent their best interests in the decision-making processes. Millis has the expertise and experience necessary to be effective in this role.

He represented labor in his role as Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association president and management as Arroyo Grande mayor and City Council member. He knows how government works. He exemplifies dedication to education with more than 30 years of service as an Arroyo Grande High School teacher.

His devotion to education and community service make him the best candidate for the Lucia Mar Unified School District school board. Please vote for Millis.

Lloyd Walzer

Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association president

Greedy unions

My wife and I despair over the sad financial condition of our state, our county and our wonderful little city of Morro Bay. They have been brought to this condition of near-bankruptcy by the greedy demands of the public employee unions.  Our own city employees are represented by the Service Employees International Union Local 620, which has demonstrated it cares absolutely nothing about the long-term survival of our city. This union has endorsed Bill Yates to be our next mayor — they must feel secure with his agenda. In our opinion, our city employees need a union like our seagulls need to be provided with swim fins.

We are voting for Betty Winholtz for mayor and Jack Smith and D’Onna Kennedy for her supporting City Council members. The present mayor and council seem to have forgotten there is such a thing as a residential community in Morro Bay.

Hopefully, the new City Council will have the fortitude to stand up to the union and stop giving all our tax money away for lavish retirement pensions.

We love this little city and appeal to those of you who care about its future. Vote.

Robert and Josie Hyde

Morro Bay

Proud of candidate

I will disclose my bias upfront: Ian Parkinson, who is running for sheriff on Nov. 2, is my younger brother. And I am very proud of him. Here’s why:

Combine the frenetic pace of modern life, intense competition among media giants for a few precious seconds of public attention and a collective attention span that lasts only a few minutes, and you have created a system that explains the climate of intense cynicism toward politics and politicians that we live in today.

It’s a climate in which those who yell the loudest and make the most hurtful statements about their political opponents are deemed to be the most effective campaigners. The truth doesn’t seem to matter much anymore because you can’t hear it over the din and it takes time to discover — more time than is available in a 30-second sound bite.

Of course, I believe Ian is the person best qualified to be sheriff, but I am proud of him because he has steadfastly refused to give in to the cynicism and negative style of campaigning that is so pervasive today. It’s a sign of his outstanding character and we’re in great need of more of it today.

Eric Parkinson

San Luis Obispo

Truly a friend

I support Supervisor Katcho Achadjian for state Assembly because of his years of support for the farmers and home owners in the Arroyo Grande Creek flood zone.

He has truly been a friend when it comes to using our resources, but insisting they must be used wisely.

Ella Honeycutt

Arroyo Grande

A dead end

I am the mom of two soccer kids, an environmentalist, a bike commuter and a citizen volunteer. The thing I find so frustrating about the Measure H proponents is that they are willing to try to mislead people about the very issues that matter most to me.

Proponents of the measure are willing to increase traffic on Tank Farm Road, Broad Street and South Street, some of which are within 10 feet of existing neighborhood parks and cross Safe Routes to School. They are willing to eliminate the possibility of Class I bike trails for bike commuters and eliminate additional dedicated open space and recreational fields at the south end of town.

I was a volunteer on the Broad Street Advisory committee. We worked hard to make this area more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, adding/planning for safe crossings across Broad Street and South Street to encourage families to get out of their cars and frequent the businesses in those neighborhoods. All of which would be for naught if Measure H passes.

The proponents don’t seem to care whether their arguments are truth or fiction or whether they hurt the populations they claim to be protecting.

Vote “no” on Measure H. It’s a dead end.

Stacey White

San Luis Obispo

Give them time

President Obama and his administration are working to better the lives of all Americans, not just the top 1, 2 or 5 percent.

It has only been two years since the Bush administration and its deregulation policies completely tanked our economy. Let’s give the Obama administration more time to get our economy back on track.

We Americans want everything to happen overnight, but rebuilding an economy doesn't happen overnight, it takes time, good planning and great effort. Please join me in supporting Democratic candidates on Tuesday. Vote!

Elaine Genasci

San Luis Obispo

Message consistency

I wanted to share some thoughts on the upcoming 33rd Assembly District race. Candidates Katcho Achadjian and Hilda Zacarias have been engaged in public forum debates stretching over several weeks. Both candidates bring different approaches and ideas to the table.

A very interesting situation had developed as these debates have ensued. The position Ms. Zacarias takes fluctuates depending upon the organization sponsoring the forum. This same observation has been shared with me by others paying close attention to the race.

I believe it to be impossible to reach agreement with any candidate on all issues. In order to make an informed choice the message a candidate presents should be both defined and consistent.

Furthermore, that definition and consistency of message reflects a great deal up a candidate’s character.

That is why I’m supporting and voting for Katcho Achadjian for 33rd Assembly District. His message is well defined and has not changed throughout the debates. This is a respectable quality in today’s political environment.

Tom Shubert

Santa Maria

Fair plan needed

At first glance, Proposition 21 appears to be the solution to the under-funding of our state parks. Place the income into a trust fund to be used only for the operation and maintenance of the parks. But free daily entry only appears to be an inducement for frequent park users to vote for this proposition (let someone else pay for my usage).

The proponents offer no data concerning how much income the parks currently produce and how much money is needed to properly operate, maintain and improve our parks. They simply imply that $500 million from the $18 per vehicle tax, plus park income from camping and concessions, will do the trick without giving us facts.

Guess what? Many families have more than one car and would have to pay a disproportionate tax from which they may derive no benefit other than they “feel good” that someone else is loving the free park use on their nickel (actually, 360 or more nickels).

What does multi-auto ownership have to do with park usage? We should find a way to do our parks justice, but the proponents of Proposition 21 need to do their homework to come up with a plan fair to all of us and our parks.

Dick Griffin


Situational integrity

So now we learn that Ian Parkinson has situational integrity (“Parkinson help in civil trial questioned,” Oct. 20). He states that if he had known he would be running for sheriff, he would have revealed the truth about his relationship with the plaintiff on the record.

Just as he probably would have paid his property taxes had he known that his failure to pay would have been in the news. And he wants to be the head of law enforcement? There is not a county job for which he is fit.

Marilyn Moore

Los Osos