Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/24

Salute to Joe Cortez

Amid all the negative advertising of this election season, it is refreshing to support a candidate like Joe Cortez for sheriff of San Luis Obispo County. Politics seem to bring out the worst of competitive spirit, and I salute him for focusing on issues and solutions and not engaging in personal attacks or shoddy campaign tactics.

Knowing him personally, I can tell you that he is someone we can count on. He has a unique ability to look objectively at problems and find creative solutions. As police chief of Pismo Beach, he was highly respected as a leader and innovator, as evidenced by the endorsement of the Pismo Beach Police Officers Association.

Cortez’s experience is extensive, having worked his way up from street cop to police chief. He is outside the current Sheriff’s Department, which is a plus in its current environment. His fair-minded, personal approach will be a perfect match for a department needing clear and objective leadership.

Furthermore, Cortez is a fiscal conservative who will responsibly manage the department’s $57 million budget. In a race where integrity and leadership count, Joe Cortez is the right choice for sheriff.

Carrol Pruett

Arroyo Grande

Harbor District election

Who should I vote for in the Port San Luis Harbor District election? What does the Harbor District do, anyway?

Over the past five years of attending Harbor Commission meetings, it is clear that Brian Craig Kreowski and Drew Brandy have led the way in getting boat hoists dredged and operating for fishermen and recreational boaters. Kreowski and Brandy have pushed to increase the availability of ice for the fishing fleet.

While these observations are my own alone, as president of the Point San Luis Lighthouse Keepers, I personally have been able to depend on both Kreowski and Brandy to provide vigorous and effective support for the efforts of the Lighthouse Keepers to restore and open the Point San Luis Lighthouse Park to the public — in ways that will make the park financially self-sufficient.

Sadly, I do not recall seeing the third candidate even attend a meeting of the Harbor Commission.

The Port San Luis Harbor District exists to operate harbor facilities at Port San Luis, beaches such as Avila, Old Port and Whalers’ Cove, a planned campground and the Lighthouse Park. Kreowski and Brandy deserve your vote.

Stew Jenkins

Former Port San Luis Harbor Commissioner

Rodger has what it takes

The editorial board at The Tribune recently recommended two fine candidates for the San Luis Coastal Unified School District Board of Trustees (“Re-elect school board incumbents,” Sept. 23).

It was mentioned in the piece that Marilyn Rodger had the endorsement, but with a concern that she might not have what it takes to make hard choices regarding staffing if the budget comes to that. I could not disagree more. Rodger has what it takes to make any decision that will benefit all the students of the district. In the short time that I have served with her on the board, I have found her to be thoughtful, hard-working and passionate about learning. She does her homework, and she takes great care to ask tough questions of the district’s leaders.

She visits classrooms, interacts with students and supports PTA fundraisers without hesitation. It has been my pleasure to serve with Rodger these past two years and without hesitation, I strongly support her re-election campaign.

Phil Angel

San Luis Obispo

Carpenter has deep roots

Please join me in voting for Dan Carpenter for San Luis Obispo City Council. Dan will make an excellent council person because he truly is a product of growing up and living in San Luis Obispo. As a member of a multigeneration family with deep roots in the local community, Dan has effectively been preparing for this responsibility his entire life.

His combination of business acumen and a true understanding/appreciation of what makes San Luis Obispo such a special place to live is unmatched by his competition. We are living in uncertain times, and now more than ever, we need leaders like Dan to guide our beloved city.

Matthew D. Herrera

San Luis Obispo

Keep Stork at Cuesta

I see from your recent article that Cuesta College will be searching for a permanent president (“Budget a priority for Cuesta candidates,” Oct. 13).

The criteria was stated that the person should have “exceptional vision and leadership skills, an understanding of the serious issues facing the college and the community and the ability to bring local and state resources to bear on solving those problems.”

Add onto that list a person who knows how to get along with people, who has a vast amount of experience and who is well respected within our community. It seems to me that Cuesta College already has the right person currently occupying this office.

I sincerely hope that interim President Gil Stork will put his name forward in consideration for this important position.

Robert Reynolds

San Luis Obispo

Carpenter thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers and supporters who have given so much of themselves to my candidacy for San Luis Obispo City Council.

For those who are still undecided, I ask that you consider voting for me, Dan Carpenter. I’m a native of San Luis Obispo with proven leadership skills, fiscal oversight experience and a willingness to serve, with many years on city advisory bodies.

Without hesitation, I will make the difficult, yet necessary decisions to ensure future sustainability. I would appreciate your vote for City Council. Please contact me at dancarp54@charter.net.

Dan Carpenter

Candidate for San Luis Obispo City Council

Nemeth for mayor

After carefully considering the well-qualified candidates running for Paso Robles mayor, the Paso Robles Professional Firefighters enthusiastically voted to endorse Gary Nemeth. Nemeth has dedicated his life to the service of others and has done so with intelligence, understanding and compassion.

Nemeth spent 30 years as a police officer protecting his community and has been an active part of many social organizations such as the Elks, Optimist club, Veterans of Foreign Wars and AARP.

As a City Council member for eight years and a City Planning commissioner for nine, Nemeth has worked with, and for, the citizens of Paso Robles. It was under his valuable leadership that our city has grown to become not only a major tourist destination, but also a great place to live.

Nemeth’s determination to view problems from all angles and avoid “silo-thinking” before making important decisions is a refreshing approach to problem solving, and in these economic times, it is exactly the kind of thinking our leaders must demonstrate.

The Paso Robles Professional Firefighters believe that Nemeth has unquestionably proven himself to be the leader that Paso Robles needs, and we trust that he will continue to serve the citizens of Paso Robles with wisdom, honesty and integrity.

Robert Smith

Paso Robles Professional Firefighters president

Very bad form

We have elections for a very important reason — so that citizens’ voices can be heard in the form of votes. That’s why I cannot vote for Jan Marx or Kathy Smith. 

If Marx is elected mayor of San Luis Obispo in the coming election, her current City Council seat will be filled not by a vote of the people, but by a vote of the members of the City Council. That’s bad form. Marx should have done the honorable thing by resigning her current office before running for mayor.

In 1996, Smith was elected to a four-year term as a San Luis Obispo City Council member. She resigned a little more than a year into her term to accept a job. That too is very bad form. Her replacement was once again chosen not by the people, but by members of the City Council. Personal honor should have kept Smith from running for an office she has already abandoned. 

Please join me in voting for candidates who demonstrate greater value for their constituents’ votes.

Lawrence Silva

San Luis Obispo

A vote for Picanco

I recently received a mailing put out by a mayoral candidate in Paso Robles on which my name was listed as a “supporter.”

I am a former planning commissioner for Paso Robles and did not wish to take sides publicly in the race for mayor.

However, because my name was listed without my permission on Mike Gibson’s flier, I would like to publicly endorse Duane Picanco because I know he has the integrity and experience we need in Paso Robles.

Christie Withers

Paso Robles

Rodger’s experience

Please re-elect Marilyn Rodger to the San Luis Coastal school board. This will be her third term on the board, and she has had invaluable experience during the years she has served.

I know the difficulty of balancing the needs of both students and teachers as I served on the board and was president of the Winters Joint Unified School District in Northern California prior to moving here.

Marilyn Clark

Baywood Park

Vote ‘no’ on H

Measure H is bad for San Luis Obispo. It is a measure that insults us as citizens and one that underscores the flaws of our initiative process.

Ask yourself this: How is our city benefitted by creating a dead-end road that will create terrible traffic congestion in the southern portion of town? How are we benefitted by reducing police, fire and ambulance response times to existing and planned residences and businesses? How are we benefitted by eliminating much needed affordable housing, parks and open space that have been planned for years?

Proponents of this measure will have you believe that elimination of roads constitutes “good planning” and “high-minded” environmental stewardship. Nothing could be further from the truth. A complete and well-balanced community depends on critical infrastructure such as Prado Road to deliver what we all hold dear: our unique and cherished quality of life.

Time and again, San Luis Obispo is celebrated as one of the best places in the nation to live. It is not by accident that we come to this recognition. It is through decades of thoughtful planning and hard work. Measure H is not worthy of this distinction. Vote “no” on Measure H.

Erik Justesen

San Luis Obispo

A broken system

I have been following with some interest the letters to the editor describing the many accomplishments of our elected officials, and on the other side, the refreshing change that is supposed to come from replacing them with new faces.

Regardless of whose dog is fertilizing the White House lawn, it’s not working. We work more for less, our kids get poorer education, we lose market share in the world and spend more on “defense” while further fouling our air and water. Our system is broken.

Regardless of your politics, this does not make sense. Please support sustainability, citizen-funded elections, social justice and having the true cost of a commodity be reflected in its price.

If we were asked to pay $16 for a gallon of gas at the pump, which reflects its true cost, we might make more intelligent and proactive decisions. We should probably pay attention to what matters.

Allen Root

San Luis Obispo