Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/20

Re-elect candidates

I am supporting Marilyn Rodger in her re-election to the San Luis Coastal School District school board. 

Rodger is aware of the crucial relationships among all the participants in our district, including teachers, administration, all support staff, students, families and the community at large. She conscientiously gathers information and listens carefully before making a decision, always keeping the best interests of our students in mind.

Rodger has come up through the ranks in our district. She has a breadth and depth of knowledge that has served her well in her time on the board. She is able to draw upon her past experience as a school site council member, a superintendent’s advisory council member and a GATE committee member, as well as other involvement in the district. Both of her children attended San Luis Coastal schools.

The San Luis Coastal School District is fortunate to have a board that is thoughtful and respectful. Each member has the entirety of the district in mind when making decisions. 

Both Rodger and Kathryn Eisendrath-Rogers exemplify excell-ent leadership and commitment to success for all the children in our district. Please re-elect Rodger and Eisendrath-Rogers.

Ellen Sheffer

San Luis Obispo

Common goals

In these economically troubled times, it is especially important to elect local leaders who identify and achieve common goals. Atascadero has suffered from lack of direction as the result of too much obsession with narrow interests. We need leaders who recognize opportunities that most of us can agree on and who are willing to form partnerships rather than stake out ideological positions.

Therefore, I recommend Tom O’Malley as our best choice for Atascadero City Council. I have often disagreed with Councilman O’Malley and I’m sure I will again, but he has demonstrated an ability to build bridges. He forged a compromise that made Planning Commission appointments more equitable and I frequently see him looking for the middle ground during City Council meetings.

In addition, I was recently impressed with his admirable caution and careful analysis while the City Council was evaluating the La Plaza theater application. I look to him to find the common ground that will bring progress in developing the possibilities open to Atascadero in the realms of the arts, local historic and cultural preservation, recreation and tourism.

I would add that Brian Sturtevant appears to share much of Councilman O’Malley’s philosophy.

He is my choice for the second seat.

Bruce T. Bevans


Balance and fairness

I appreciate The Tribune’s position supporting incumbent candidates Marilyn Rodger and Kathryn Eisendrath-Rogers for the San Luis Coastal school board (“Re-elect school board incumbents,” Sept. 23).

Politics can be a cynical business, even at the school board level, with special interests jockeying for control of the community’s education vision.

Both Rodger and Eisendrath-Rogers are the counter-examples. They are individuals with service at heart and a commitment exclusively to the best education of the community’s children.

In the most difficult of times, these trustees have protected fiscal resources, lived within the means of the district, continued the district’s education mission and supported the employees who make that mission possible.

There have been challenges, such as teacher union pressure for salary increases that would have cost the jobs of our youngest teachers. The current school board met these challenges with balance and fairness resulting in continued solid achievement while reducing costs and avoiding layoffs.

The district is on the right track and deserves the continued leadership of these dedicated public servants. I hope others will support your endorsement of Marilyn Rodger and Kathryn Eisendrath-Rogers for the San Luis Coastal school board.

Ed Valentine

Former superintendent for the San Luis Coastal Unified School District

Track record

While Senate candidate Carly Fiorina lacks a track record in politics, the same certainly cannot be said about Barbara Boxer.

After 18 years in the Senate, Boxer’s positions on important issues are crystal clear. Through her words and her votes, we know that she believes in bigger and bigger government, higher taxes on individuals and businesses, abortion on demand, weakening our national defense and committing our nation to crippling debt.

In just the last two years, Boxer voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, for bailing out auto companies, insurance companies and Wall Street, for disastrously wasteful and ineffective “stimulus” and “jobs” bills and for Obamacare.

I am opposed to every one of these measures. That’s all I need to know. Surely Fiorina would better represent California and act in the best interests of our nation.

Robert Olson


Troubling pattern

Perhaps Ian Parkinson should consider stepping away from his current campaign for sheriff.

Unfortunately, recent revelations of improprieties, ethical imbalances and questionable practices seem to be growing, like recent news regarding Parkinson’s role as an expert witness in his sister-in-law’s $1.4 million award demonstrates questionable decision making.

That, coupled with earlier transgressions, shows a pattern suggesting he is not ready to take on a position of responsibility like sheriff. While youthful indiscretion is anticipated to some extent in every career field, Parkinson appears to have pushed the envelope a bit aggressively.

However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of maturing into a more suitable candidate in years to come. Wisdom, intellectual maturity and sound reason generally come with age, years of experience and a few painful bumps along the way.

The upside of withdrawal from the campaign is the experience gained in running for office and the opportunity to clean out any remaining skeletons in the closet. Voters are often forgiving of office seekers who right their wrongs (perceived or otherwise) and regain a sense of maturity and certifiable accomplishment.

Subsequently, Parkinson may well be a wonderful and effective sheriff a few years from now, given a little more time to season, mature and grow wiser.

Peter Keith

Grover Beach

Children vulnerable

Why should a person vote “yes” on Measure H? The obvious answer is that exhaust and children don’t mix.

Childhood asthma is a major, rapidly increasing health problem. Children are more vulnerable to air pollution as they breathe about half again as much air per pound of body weight as adults. And, the potential for lung damage escalates with rapid breathing during athletic events.

If built as planned, Prado Road would come within about 70 feet of the actual playing fields, which are immediately downwind. Adding to the pollution would be vehicles backed up along Prado Road, negotiating a new three-way signal and crosswalks at Broad Street. Idling vehicles emit 20 times more pollution than ones moving 32 miles per hour. Visualize the diesel smoke as trucks accelerate from the signal.

Go to www.voteyesonmeasureh.com to see a local video on childhood asthma. The site also shows a logical, efficient alternate connection of Prado Road to a widened Tank Farm Road. Come to the Damon-Garcia Sports Fields any weekday between 4 and 5 p.m. to see for yourself where the road would be relative to the fields and wind direction.

I’m voting “yes” on Measure H to save kids’ lungs.

Cal Wilvert

San Luis Obispo

Experience counts

The residents of Paso Robles will be voting to fill the office of mayor in the election on Nov. 2. Duane Picanco has what no other candidate running for mayor of Paso Robles has, and that is experience.

Picanco has served on the Planning Commission, the City Council and numerous committees helping shape the Paso Robles we enjoy today.

It is important that residents know how candidates will act and perform in office. Picanco works collaboratively and knows the proper, legal way to run meetings. He is not only knowledgeable, well spoken and experienced, but is also respectful and courteous.

Picanco has been participating in all aspects of community involvement, dedicating his time helping Paso Robles. Owning and operating a stable and successful business in downtown Paso Robles for 26 years, Picanco has the experience working with other business owners to bring viable, stable and profitable businesses to our community that offer livable wage jobs, longevity to our commercial and industrial districts and a solid tax base.

As always, Picanco will work 110 percent fulfilling the responsibilities of mayor. Please vote for proven experience! Vote Duane Picanco for mayor of Paso Robles.

Kathy Bales

Paso Robles