Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/19

Our solid anchor

The coming November election will be more than a mandate of the people — it will be a confirmation of all that our country stands for.

It is a solid understanding that it is the people’s will and not that of dominating big industries interested, primarily, in their own profits.

One of the officials who has done much to ensure that there is oversight regarding the powers of industry is Sen. Barbara Boxer, our solid Democratic anchor who ensures stability to our ship of state in spite of the Republican wolves attempting to ram our country into the pockets of these wealthy industrial magnates.

A chief fear regarding a Republican ascendancy is that of private control with little or no oversight on the part of the public.

I have found Sen. Boxer also in the forefront regarding environmental issues. She is always ready to champion programs that will remove our dependency on toxic substances that add to global warming. Boxer and her department have been quick to answer any question that I might have regarding any timely topic.

From the president on down, the Democratic Party stands for the common man and developing programs that will ensure their well-being.

W. R. Cole

Arroyo Grande

Why re-elect?

Tell me why!

It is said that idiocy is doing the same things over and expecting different results. Then why are we considering electing Jerry Brown as governor of California? Does anyone remember 1975-1983? Among the many disasters, Brown started with a surplus and ended with a deficit. Do you recall the problems with the judges he appointed?

Why should Barbara Boxer serve as our senator for 28 years? Is it her fiefdom? What has she accomplished except to take our taxes and give the money to those who will re-elect her? How about Lois Capps? We hear nothing of her except she has taken more of our taxes and given them to her supporters. Los Osos squandered its money, and now all of us are paying for its sewer. The same with the Santa Maria River.

Is it a wonder that the federal deficit keeps climbing and we are on the brink of disaster?

Please, let us give others a chance. We already know what Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer do. We cannot afford to go down that road continually.

Anna Klein

Arroyo Grande

Miners are real men

The whole miner rescue was totally awe inspiring.

I mean look at just a few things that transpired. They came out of that hole clean-shaven, with their hair cut and smelling good. Brad Pitt goes to Italy for a few weeks and looks like a Godzilla for months. They know how to hug and kiss their friends and mean it — no air kisses on each side of the face. They immediately recognize their president, and they know all the words to their national anthem.

Wow! These are real men.

Patti Launders


Out of touch

Nice article in The Tribune recently about the Cal Poly athletic director receiving a raise, but my blood boils with the arrogance of these state administrative people (“Poly official got hefty raise,” Oct. 13).

I am a 1983 Cal Poly graduate who has been working as a local engineer for private companies for many years. I don’t even make half of what Alison Cone was making, nor do I have a generous benefits package, and yet I pay taxes to fund these state employees and they still have the audacity to call me regularly to ask for more money for Cal Poly programs!

They are totally out of touch with their “equity compensation” mentality. Sure, peer equity is a factor in determining pay rate in the private sector, but employers who have to be accountable to their funders are always more interested in what their employees bring to the party and contribute to the wealth and health of the company.

These Cal Poly administrators have been on government payrolls for way too long.

Tom Forselles

Los Osos

Farewell, Corner View

I recently returned home from a vacation only to find out that my favorite establishment, Corner View Restaurant, had closed its doors. My reaction was as if I had lost a dear friend.

My partner and I have been patrons of Corner View since we relocated from Atlanta in the summer of 2003. From the very first moment I pulled up a stool, you could feel the warmth, friendliness and sense of community that this place had to offer. It was this wonderful neighborhood bar that provided me with a little slice of home, while at the same time helping me to understand what our new community really had to offer.

Bill and Patty Carpenter were the consummate hosts. They knew everyone by name, cared about their clientele and had the innate ability to make you feel special. This talent was also reflected in their wonderful staff, including Stacy, Stephen, Lisa and Maggie, just to name a few.

Corner View was more than a restaurant, it was a modern-day “Cheers.” There is really nothing that compares in San Luis Obispo. Thank you, Bill and Patty, for the past seven years.

Steve Hopkins

San Luis Obispo

Ditch the pigeons

Regarding the pigeons in Pismo Beach: It is awful that hundreds of these birds have taken over the area of the pier. What a shame to see flocks of these pigeons on the rooftops of the businesses near the pier, dirtying the sidewalks with feathers and droppings, which you have to be careful not to step in. I say shoot the pigeons. Get rid of them permanently!

Frank Costa

Grover Beach

Tax breaks

I am writing this letter in response to Bob Alderman’s letter to the editor (“Help the economy,” Oct. 11). His assertion, which is shared by other like-minded people, is that government should extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy because it provides incentive for them to invest.

The results would be a source of job creation, business expansion and tax revenue. Hmm. How long have the Bush tax cuts been in effect? How have they been working lately? I believe, as do many other like-minded folks, that the wealthy would spend more if they knew that to do so would  reduce their tax liability.

We all know how the tax breaks have worked so far in enriching our economy — oh, that’s right, they haven’t!

Scott Gillespie

Arroyo Grande

Thanks for support

Recently, you printed my letter inviting your readers to attend a barbecue at Mitchell Park as a means of honoring our soldiers and veterans (“Support our troops,” Sept. 10). I asked that people bring snacks and toiletries to be sent to local soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was a gorgeous day with more than 300 meals served and music provided by the San Luis Obispo County Band.

I’m happy to report that the Military Parents of the Central Coast was the recipient of more than $2,000 in general donations and in proceeds from the barbecue meal itself.

That will cover the postage to mail about 200 boxes. In addition, many people brought snack foods and toiletries for us to send. We received whole cases of granola bars, snack foods, Ramen noodles, powdered drinks, jerky, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Many thanks to all of your readers who attended the barbecue and/or donated items. These soldiers all have ties to San Luis Obispo County and it’s truly a pleasure to pack boxes full of your donations to them. It provides a critical tie to their hometowns and can lift their morale far higher than you’d imagine.

Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Cathy Marvier

San Luis Obispo

Shame on Cal Poly

Why is it that school districts and colleges think the employees and the public are stupid?

They don’t think these people can read between the lines?

Now the latest at Cal Poly: The athletic director, Alison Cone, is leaving at the end of the year but just received a $25,000 pay raise retroactive to January (“Poly official got hefty raise,” Oct. 13).

Amazing what that will do to your retirement.

But we’re not smart enough to put two and two together. Shame on you, Cal Poly.

Ronald Mac


Education issue

Election day is soon upon us, and I recommend Jim Quesenberry for the San Luis Coastal Unified School District school board.

I have known Quesenberry as a substitute teacher in his class and also as a friend and neighbor. As his former students can attest, Quesenberry goes the extra mile. He is a fighting Irishman for causes he believes in and he has the wit and good humor of the Irish as well.

All the candidates for school board are admirable. Who would go to nonpaying, twice- monthly meetings but people interested in the good of the community?

No issue is more important to me in this election than educating our students. Quesen-berry, a recently retired teacher, former Teachers Association president, coach and mentor, has the experience for the job.

Carol Zarek

Los Osos

Walk the talk

The Atascadero City Council needs a balance of independence and objectivity in its council members.

As a veteran military officer of 38 years, I have learned to judge soldiers for what they are worth. This applies also to public leaders that we are about to elect. To this end, I greatly appreciate leaders that can truly “walk the talk.”

Chuck Ward is one of those leaders. Unequivocally, he has the right character and temperament to get things done as a city councilman for Atascadero.

He has proven that in his present role as a member of the city Planning Commission. Moreover, his tenacity and ability to make tough, independent decisions in a sensible way is why he has earned my endorsement. Atascadero’s needs will be greatly served to have him on the City Council.

John S. Gong