Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/17

Copelands care for SLO

I’m happy for Ernie Dalidio (“Copelands face big fine in fight against Dalidio,” Oct. 5). He didn’t give up and he finally got justice.

In case you are from another planet, the Copeland brothers have been named by the Fair Political Practices Commission as being the big money behind the fight against the Dalidio development project.

Since this revelation, you can just imagine the tongue-wagging that is going on.

Mayor Dave Romero said that “the Copelands’ efforts to stop the Dalidio project have hurt the city financially” and it turns out negatively for the San Luis Obispo community.

I hope our mayor hasn’t forgotten the negative impact from the big hole with construction barriers all around the heart of our city left by a development gone sour.

I haven’t forgotten. I couldn’t believe this was happening to my home town. It sat for like that for one, two or maybe more years. It felt like 10.

Finally, the Copelands came to the rescue and built the beautiful downtown center. The Copelands cared when no one else did.

Judith Green

San Luis Obispo

Thank the Copelands

It’s my opinion that every citizen, including the mayor, should be thanking the Copeland brothers for being willing to put their money and effort into making San Luis Obispo one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country.

If I am understanding correctly, those who would now call for castigating the Copeland brothers would prefer San Luis Obispo to look like most other towns with countless boarded-up buildings, areas of blight so bad no one wants to go there at any time and filled with derelicts of every kind.

The Copeland brothers have worked with the city of San Luis Obispo to make it a place where I love to visit, stroll, (that means on foot), shop in vibrant, attractive shops, dine in great restaurants and feel compelled to constantly remark that “every downtown should look this good.”

Lighten up folks and hope that if another initiative comes along like Measure J (and you all get to vote on whether you get another mall or not), that you still have the Copeland brothers willing to put their money where all of your hearts should be.

Ralph Umbertis

Fort Bragg, Calif.

Help get rid of tattoos

Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo’s Liberty Tattoo Removal program would like to thank our many supporters.

Our program removes anti-social and gang-related tattoos, allowing community members to get jobs, be accepted and to have healthier family and societal relationships. In order to receive treatment, they must be clean and sober and do nonprofit volunteer work.

We also want to thank Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for its continued support by giving us rooms to use for our monthly clinic, as well as much needed medical supplies.

Most importantly, we want to thank our terrific volunteer doctors, Fred Novy and Charles Fishman. Without their expertise and help, we could not exist.

However, one of our cherished doctors is retiring and we are in desperate need of another doctor to perform treatments at our clinic. A willing spirit and three hours every other month to furnish treatments on our laser machine is required, as well as a little training. We will pay all associated costs to get you on board.

This program brings much joy to the participants, both those receiving treatments and our clinic volunteers. It is a small time commitment but the rewards are endless.

If you can help, please contact me at 781-1285.

Janet Allenspach

Liberty Tattoo Removal program coordinator

Crazy energy policy

Regulators just approved rules that require one-third of the state’s energy to be renewable by 2020 (“State adopts tough rules on clean energy,” Sept. 24).

That took a lot of intellectual acumen! This state’s economy is in the dumper and this ridiculous requirement is going to make things worse. Higher energy costs are not going to help the unemployed and poor or businesses struggling to survive.

Has anybody seen how easy it is to build alternative energy sources? Just look at all the people whining about the Carrizo Plain solar projects. Too much noise, too much of an eyesore, some poor rat might have its tunnel crushed, etc. Require that they be built and then make it impossible for them to be built! Unbelievable.

Jody Langford


Brown not wanted

I have seen a couple of letters of endorsement for Paul Brown for mayor of San Luis Obispo based on his record at the Grizzly Youth Academy. That record is very old. 

More recently is his record as a San Luis Obispo City Councilman that was so bad that he was voted off the City Council. I have attended many City Council meetings and watched Brown ignore speakers, especially women, and just sit and doodle and act bored during meetings.

Now I understand Brown is at this time on the police force in Santa Barbara County. If that is true, how can he serve us in San Luis Obispo at the same time?

This is sounding like a man I do not want as mayor of San Luis Obispo!

Linda A. Groover

San Luis Obispo

Brown has the stuff

After hours upon days of listening to our local mayoral candidates debate, I have to genuinely say that Paul Brown has what it takes to be the mayor of San Luis Obispo. 

This year will be a battle down to the wire with Jan Marx having opposite views from Brown, and as a very polished Cal Poly student, Andrew Farrell, makes a name for himself. 

Brown can truly see the grand scheme of things, utilizing his experiences to help mold and maintain San Luis Obispo as a vibrant city filled with innovation.   

His various degrees of experience, from a business owner and Grizzly Academy youth leader to American Legion president (to name a few), proves that Brown is capable of building the solid relationships it takes to run San Luis Obispo. 

Without having a true feel for the pulse of our city, how could one run for mayor? Brown has the right stuff needed to keep this city pumping.

Branden Welshons

San Luis Obispo

Marx has the vision

My family and I reside in San Luis Obispo and we feel fortunate that our city still possesses the unique qualities that have kept us here for generations.

I urge voters to choose a mayoral candidate who is truly qualified and who has her priorities in order. Jan Marx cares about the citizens of this community and has worked with unfaltering dedication to balance smart growth with fiscal responsibility.

Having worked with Marx on several occasions, I have witnessed her ability to properly prepare herself to make informed decisions on critical issues. She will work full time as our mayor to understand all sides and to listen to all voices!

Marx undoubtedly has the vision, education and experience necessary not only to protect what is unique about our city, but to move it forward in a positive direction.

Carol Rich

San Luis Obispo

Trustees supported

I would like to endorse the incumbents Ron Wilson, Cathy Launchbaugh and Ginger Ortiz for the Cayucos school board. As a six-year trustee on the Cayucos school board, I had the privilege of working with these three dedicated volunteers as they helped to create an exemplary school.

Under their direction, the school and its students have flourished. I have complete faith that they will continue to steer the school on a fiscally responsible path that will produce the best education for the children of Cayucos.

I hope that the residents of Cayucos will join me and vote for them.

Robert Schwennicke