Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/16

Tourist draws

In recent weeks, we have witnessed two excellent examples of local communities and organizations banding together to successfully promote overall San Luis Obispo County tourism.

Sunset magazine’s Savor the Central Coast event was by all accounts (total attendance, tourist visitors, media attention and national sponsor organizations) a rousing success. Under the auspices of the San Luis Obispo County Visitors and Conference Bureau, cities from Pismo Beach to Paso Robles and beyond literally and figuratively stepped “into the tent,” showcasing the many virtues of the Central Coast as a great place to visit.

The month of September was designated California Wine Month and two often competing organizations, the San Luis Obispo Vintners Association and the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, collaborated in concert to the benefit again of the entire county and its place on the map as a world-class wine region.

Appreciative nods to all the public officials and organization executives whose combined forces and involvement resulted in these successful efforts to brand San Luis Obispo County as an entity to tourists from near and far.

Myraline Morris Whitaker

Arroyo Grande

Swift punishment

I totally agree with Lou Goodman’s letter (“Three meals and TV, Oct. 11). The death penalty is no deterrent to the degenerates who rape and kill innocent civilians because these pieces of human debris know that, at worst, they will indeed receive three meals and TV for the rest of their natural lives.

It is time we revise our trial procedures. I propose the following: A review panel consisting of three senior, experienced judges is assigned to the trial. Their responsibility will be to review the previous day’s trial proceedings to assure that no one’s rights were violated and all proceedings met all legal requirements.

This would continue for the entire duration of the trial, up to and including the sentencing. If the defendant is indeed found guilty, then one day after the death sentence is issued, and the review panel has found no human, civil or legal rights violations, the death penalty would be carried out.

The possibility of swift, sure punishment would certainly become a deterrent and would make these vile individuals think twice before committing any serious crime. The cost of these review panels would certainly be less than three meals and TV for years or continuous appeals on questionable grounds.

Stanley D. Schaffer

Arroyo Grande