Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/19

Punish noisy tenants

Letter writer John Sherry (“Not quite the same,” Aug. 16) and others say that landlords should foot the bill for their tenants’ noise problems. Landlords don’t like their tenants causing noise either, and can already be fined for their tenants’ repeated violations.

I agree that rental noise is very bothersome and it is the most bothersome aspect of living in my neighborhood. However, the vast majority of student renters are legally adults. As adults, they are responsible for their actions.

If you try to charge landlords a tax to defray the cost of noise complaints, it won’t work. Rents will just be raised accordingly and the cost passed along to all renters, not just those who cause problems.

Only those causing the noise should be charged. If the fines the police department charge are insufficient to cover their costs, then perhaps they should be adjusted. San Luis Obispo has a noise ordinance. Violation of it is therefore a crime.

It’s time for the San Luis Obispo Police Department to enforce the laws, punish the noisy tenants and quiet down this town. The pressure should be applied in no uncertain terms directly on those causing the noise, not the rental owners.

Thomas Myra

San Luis Obispo

Who will be next?

I have two friends who just celebrated their 20th anniversary. They seem to be a perfect pair. They probably do have arguments, but I’ve never been present to see one. They are an example for the rest of us. They volunteer time to causes and are always on the lookout for a place to give to others.

You may have guessed that they are a gay couple. They’ve been together since college. Who dares pass judgment on their relationship? Who are our models for a good marriage? Surely not the examples of serial marriages in the heterosexual community that make this country notorious.

The overturning of Proposition 8 is a vindication. Marriage equality is coming. I hope the issue goes to the Supreme Court. If gays and lesbians are denied their civil rights, who will be next?

Priscilla Akin

Los Osos

Majority’s wishes

It is disappointing that Gov. Arnold Schwarz-enegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown went against the constitutional law of this great state and took a stand against the stay on Judge Vaughn Walker’s ill-advised, self-serving ruling that declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional.

I would think our elected officials would and should be obliged to uphold the majority’s wishes rather than demean them. It sure makes me sorry I ever voted for Arnie the Terminator — no, make that the traitor!

God declared marriage as being between a man and a woman, let us not dash asunder what he has created.

Hugh Robinson


Why no runoff?

Can someone explain to me why all four candidates who ran for state Senator on the June 22 ballot were again on the Aug. 17 ballot?

The June results gave Sam Blakeslee 49.4 percent, John Laird 41.8 percent, Jim Fitzgerald 5.89 percent and Mark Hinkle 2.9 percent. Why wasn’t there a runoff between Blakeslee and Laird?

Instead, we got almost the identical results on Aug. 17 as Blakeslee received 48.48 percent, Laird 44.1 percent, Fitzgerald 5.1 percent and Hinkle 2 percent.

If we were going to elect the top vote getter the second time, why didn’t we do that the first time? Or better yet, if people were going to get an opportunity to vote again, why not take the two top candidates and make it a meaningful election by pitting them against each other? 

I participated in an outreach on voting day to encourage voters to go the polls and talked to several people who were fed up with the process and opted not to vote. What is the sense of funding a second election if the public is turned off by the illogic of holding two identical elections for the same office?

Anne McGlynn

San Luis Obispo

Unattended dogs

A couple of days ago, I was at Vons in Nipomo. When I went to get into my car, I noticed a white truck parked next to my car with two big dogs in it. The window was all the way down.

The dogs started barking at me as I tried to get into my car. I screamed. A couple of people came over to see if I was all right. I had to enter my car through the other side.

Those dogs could have bitten me or worse. They never should have been in the truck with the windows down. With all this fuss about Annie and dogs left in vehicles, this is another reason not to have them in the vehicle loose or unattended.

Kathleen Doughty