Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/18

Don’t diss the water

Calling Paso Robles’ sulphur water “stinky” is in bad taste. No pun intended!

When the Hot Springs Hotel (today, the Paso Robles Inn) was in its glory, it was noted for its sulphur plunge. The plunge was filled by a sulphur spring on or near the hotel property.

The sulphur water is one of the things that brought Ignace Paderewski to Paso Robles as he relished the water’s soothing effects.

The hotel’s sulphur plunge was where I learned to swim. The “lifeguard” was a Mr. Nillgard, who also gave swim lessons, and I was one of his students. Most of my friends and I always did our swimming in the hotel’s sulphur plunge. The water was warm and clean.

Robert R. Lyon


Pot not at fault

After reading Julie Lynem’s column, “Society does not need legal marijuana” (Aug. 15), I offer the following: I have a difficult time believing that as an apparently well-educated individual, you would have the audacity to blame the use of marijuana for your brother’s psychological problems.

While I agree that marijuana can be used as a stepping stone to harder drug use, I also believe that people with addictive personalities will progress to harder types of drugs, even if marijuana is not available. I know of plenty of individuals who lead full, productive lives in top supervisory positions and/or are business owners and use marijuana for a recreational purpose.

Mike Kirk

Arroyo Grande

Time well spent

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Opera San Luis Obispo children’s summer opera camp production of “The Piper of Hamlin.” The audience watched 21 children put on a terrific performance of this medieval classic.

These children, under the guidance of Alan Boehmer, Paul Woodring, Marissa Bloom and Katelyn Holliday, learned dialog, music and stage movement and prepared props for a performance that lasted more than an hour.

All of this was masterfully accomplished in a span of two weeks, a task that professional musicians would find difficult. Many of the children had never acted or sung prior to this experience.

I can’t help but think of the positive impact of such experiences on young people. I know it was very positive for me and the rest of the audience. Congratulations to all of the wonderful performers and to all that helped in this production. Your time was well spent.

Steven L. Cohen

Los Osos

Thanks to caregivers

My sisters and I recently lost our 89-year-old mother. Her final four weeks were hard on her as her body was failing. She spent time at Twin Cities Hospital and was later transferred to Danish Care Center in Atascadero.

The doctors and nurses did all they could to keep her comfortable. In our world where so many people are taking advantage of others, thinking only of themselves, it was encouraging to see the extra effort put forth by these caregivers.

My sincerest thanks go to the Twin Cities Hospital and Danish Care Center staff.

Gary Rogers

Los Osos

Cheaper next time

The latest special election is one of many costly events that taxpayers will pay for. I have a suggestion for future special elections that will cut costs drastically.

Eliminate as much paper as possible by voting online, either on your computer or at a computer at your local library, senior center or government center.

Allow the voting to take place within a five-day period ending on a Friday. No mail-in ballots to help cut costs involved in standard voting procedures.

This plan would require a programmer to set up an easy-to-read ballot online with appropriate security measures and identification (like your Social Security number) for verification. The local newspaper could supply the details explaining the procedure and a phone number with a recording could do the same.

These special elections are costing money that is needed in more important areas.

George Sheffield

Los Osos

Crowded LOVR

We knew this was going to happen and happen it did!

The crowded car traffic along Los Osos Valley Road, caused by the opening of huge box stores with only Los Osos Valley Road to enter and exit, keeps increasing. One road cannot handle the traffic.

Who will pay for the widening and the freeway rebuilding to safely handle the mess that was predicted to the county and city politicians years ago? Guess who? We tax-payers, of course.

The San Luis Obispo City Council was warned, along with the County Board of Supervisors, when they allowed the developers to build these stores without a requirement for building roads and infrastructure.

Come on now, isn’t it time for the responsible parties to foot the bill?

The stores make the money and we sit in the parking lot freeway. Waiting. What’s the answer?

Arlene Jaron Purchin

San Luis Obispo