Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/17

Keep dogs in cab

Regarding Annie the dog: If there is one lesson to be learned here, it is that dogs belong in the truck cab, not in the bed. At the very least, by law, they are required to be tied down.

That being said, it is incredibly selfish and mean-spirited to keep Annie apart from the person who loves, raised and cared for her all her life.

For those of us who have dogs, it is heartbreaking and scary to think that all it takes is for your dog to slip their collar and you can lose them forever, even when they are found. Please, keep your dogs inside your trucks.

Marion Brass

San Luis Obispo

Let Annie decide

It seems the county animal shelter and the long-time owner of Annie don’t want to assume any responsibility for her plight. Added to that, the new adoptive owners don’t appear receptive to returning her to her former owner.

Setting all of the negativism this case has generated aside, why not let Annie choose with whom she would prefer to live? It seems very simple to me.

Put her in an enclosure with her former owner and her current owner. A facilitator could be present to ensure neither party gets to coax her to their side. She will go to and stay with the person she wants to go home with.

Through all of the negative back and forth I’ve read and seen on TV, neither owner really seems to care about what Annie wants. Maybe it’s time someone asked her!

June Cooper

San Luis Obispo

Don’t return Annie

Annie should not be given back to Chuck Hoage for a few reasons. First, Hoage didn’t tie his dog in the back of his truck. Also, he didn’t microchip her, which all responsible pet owners should do, and he didn’t have a dog tag on the collar.

If he had just taken these simple actions, his dog would have been returned to him. But now that this other family has Annie and has had her microchipped, she should not be returned.

This new family is definitely taking better care of her. I understand how sad the man feels, but if he had taken precautions, the dog would have been given back to him.

Sonja Waitkus, Age 11

Avila Beach

... in other dog news

San Luis Obispo County Golden Retrievers held its third annual “Goldens in the Park” family fun day and fundraiser on July 11. It was our biggest event yet, with more than 200 Golden Retrievers and family members celebrating in the fun.

In addition to a day of family fun, we were able to raise $2,800 for two local dog groups. The money will be split equally between Woods Humane Society and Animal Shelter Adoption Partners.

We would like to thank our donors and the community for their generosity during these tough economic times.

More information can be obtained at www.SLOCountyGoldenRetrievers.com or by calling me at 489-9000.

And please remember, always have identification tags on all of your pets. You never know when they may sneak away!

Lenny Jones

Arroyo Grande