Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/15

Does the truth matter?

Does the truth matter anymore? That’s the question thousands of architects, engineers, firefighters, lawyers, medical professionals, religious leaders and scientists ask themselves every day.

These are just some of the groups that have formed to investigate the events of 9/11 and disseminate their results.

They know there is overwhelming evidence that we have been lied to regarding 9/11 and they also know that the vast majority of citizens are unaware of this evidence.

Citizen efforts to get local newspapers to investigate the truth of 9/11 have been fruitless. Offers of opinion pieces have been repeatedly declined.

So we erected a billboard on South Higuera Street that asks you to “Examine the Evidence” at the website www.ae911TRUTH.org.

It seems appropriate the billboard is across the street from a cemetery, given the countless thousands that have been killed in the name of 9/11.

We appreciate that this is a difficult topic to address, but address it we must if we are to keep (or regain) our freedom.

Those willing to try must first release their grip on any preconceived notions they may have regarding 9/11. Only then can one begin to look at and absorb the truth.

And the truth shall set you free.

If your group would like a speaker, please contact me at mrppy@fix.net.

Mark Phillips


Bike club stresses safety

In response to the letter, “Cyclists, be courteous” (Aug. 1), I agree that cyclists should ride as single file as close to the right side of the road as is safe.

The San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club works hard to encourage its members to ride safely, to advance cycling in our community and to be courteous to drivers and cyclists alike. At its monthly meetings and at the start of group rides, its members are asked to ride single file when the road shoulder is narrow and to be courteous at intersections.

The club’s safety chairperson reports monthly on road conditions, issues raised in the community and letters to the editor about cycling. The club sponsors rider safety classes geared for new riders and advanced classes for seasoned riders.

When you encounter a group of cyclists riding single file, remember that they are doing their part to share the road and be courteous. You might even give them a little extra room when passing. When the driver in front of you waves a group of cyclists through an intersection, know that we are doing our best not to abuse that kindness.

Mike Balster

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club member

Shoot the pigeons

The water quality at Pismo Beach is a problem that goes back to 2007, according to newspaper articles (“Public enemy No. 1,” Aug. 13).

What have the elected Pismo Beach City Council members and County Board of Supervisors done to remove the pigeon problem? Nothing! Elections are coming up and it is time to replace those who sit on their behinds.

The health of residents and visitors is threatened due to the 40 percent of E. coli bacteria strains traced to pigeon droppings and 20 percent from E. coli linked to dog waste, according to the study by Cal Poly’s Environmental Biotechnology Institute.

I would suggest that the Pismo Beach police be directed to shoot the pigeons and lock up dog owners or fine them. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals doesn’t seem to care for our health and our elected officials should ignore them.

Who would pay for the lawsuits against our community by anyone who could come down with an E. coli illness? We, the taxpayers!

Myron May

Arroyo Grande

Youths’ horse came in

Our Kentucky Derby themed fundraiser produced a record payout of more than $63,000 in support of local youth mentoring! The 350-plus guests at the big event donned their hats, sipped mint juleps and enjoyed a beautiful day at the Jack House on July 18.

Guests were treated to delicious hors d'oeuvres, choice wines and cold beer while they participated in both the silent and live auctions. More than 50 volunteers, which included employees from Kohl’s and Old Navy, provided their services during the daylong event.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in making the event a resounding success, including our donors, volunteers and sponsors: Tektegrity, Q104.5, Charter Media, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Monarch Dunes, PG&E, Tolosa Press, Adamski Moroski Madden & Green, Atascadero News, New Media Dimensions, New Times, Discover Dining, Paso Robles Press.

Hal Sweasey of Re/Max Del Oro, First Bank of San Luis Obispo, New Frontiers, Mission Community Bank, Carmel & Naccasha, Promotion Plus, Farm Credit West, Charles Schwab & Company, Coast Hills Federal Credit Union, Cannon Associates, The Spice Hunter, Papich Construction, Central Coast Gastroenterology, Coast BMW Nissan and Glenn Burdette Phillips & Bryson.

Ken Kehs

Development Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County

Farewell to Kelrick

With the upcoming departure of Erik Austin and his company, Kelrik Productions, to San Diego, many will be missing him and his high-quality, entertaining shows. His productions have been outstanding and it is amazing how quickly he can do one show right after another. The young people who have performed in the productions have been fabulous and their costumes just beautiful.

Years ago, when I lived in New York, I saw many performances, but none to compare with the talent of Austin and his crew.

Good luck Austin on your move, but remember, we will indeed miss you and there will be a big gap in our area theater.

Evelyn Beaule

San Luis Obispo

Cayucos pooch park

We are hoping to make people aware of a new off-leash dog park near the Cayucos Cemetery at the site of the proposed Norma Rose Park off Highway 1.

The grand opening was held on May 8. A small group of dedicated volunteers raised more than $6,000 to pay for fencing and supplies. Many dog lovers and their dogs have been enjoying the freedom to frolic at this new site.

We have an ongoing fundraiser selling memorial plaques for placement at the dog park. For information about the Cayucos dog park, please call Donna at 995-1266 or Kathy at 995-3054.

Donna Dawson

Kathy Boyte Cayucos dog park volunteers

Preach it, practice it

Regarding The Tribune’s opinion supporting the bill that would require grocery stores to stop giving out plastic bags (“California should lead the way to sacking plastic bags,” Aug. 8): Does that mean that The Tribune will also discontinue using plastic bags to protect its daily home-delivered newspapers?

Thank you for the information about what the state Legislature is doing. One would think that all legislators would be focused on passing the budget, as it is more than a month overdue. A bill such as this, with its huge ramifications, must be a distraction to the entire Legislature.

Jean Knox

San Luis Obispo

Voice of authority

Scientific issues in their fullness ought to be at the center of the debate about accelerated global climate change, not selected aspects and the colorful, thoughtful average Joe-isms of Don Asquith (“Climate is changing,” July 30) or the “shocked” complaint of Dean Carlson (“Dangerous theory,” Aug. 2).

The latter cloaks his critique of climate change evidence in scientific jargon but tips his hand by dismissing the preponderance of worldwide, professionally obtained evidence as “political dogma” and “politically convenient.” In the end, Carlson aligns himself with the familiar right-wing bias of Fox News.

In my experience, the data I’ve seen betrays no evidence of political or “liberal” motivation — as if the universal scientific method is driven by politics. In the face of ongoing right-wing hostility to the scientific consensus on climate change, I offer what used to settle debates, the voice of authority.

I refer Tribune readers to the just published book, “The Climate Crisis: An Introductory Guide to Climate Change” and the website, www.realclimate.org.

Gordon Fuglie


Let users foot the bill

Regarding the letter titled, “Nickels and dimes,” Aug. 13: I am quite concerned as a married, 65-year-old retired husband and father trying to get by on a fixed income.

My concern? That some of my neighbors can’t get along with two incomes (presumably) and raise two kids without asking all the rest of us to pay (through our taxes) for their Kleenex, snacks and art supplies.

Most of us have raised children and had budget crunches, but most of us do not ask others to subsidize our personal transportation or expect nonprofits like the Boys and Girls Club to go into the red for us.

As for the high cost of living in America, it hits all of us, not just the ones who want others to cover their share.

Thank you, Lucia Mar School District, Arroyo Grande and the Boys and Girls Clubs for asking the users to pay for their use.

Jon A. Hartz Sr. Arroyo Grande

Stunning ignorance

I cannot believe that the city of San Luis Obispo does not know the difference between large property owners whose business is renting out living spaces and owners of a single property usually rented either because it is an investment or to just cover a portion of their expenses. 

The reason anybody who rents out space is now a “business” and subject to tax is because the city needs the money. This tax is especially attractive to the city because there are many property owners who bought here when their child was going to Cal Poly or for a future retirement home. They live out of the area and do not vote here. 

Reminds me a lot of the various hotel taxes charged to visitors. 

Ron Doron

San Luis Obispo