Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: About Annie the dog

Treat dogs like kids

Years ago, a retired police officer in Los Angeles told me that many dogs were found dead on freeways after being thrown out of the rear of trucks.

I cringe when I see a dog in the back of a truck without being tethered, or worse, being tied with a chain around its neck. Either way, it doesn’t have a chance.

I’m with Michael Kincade: Would you do this to your child? If so, that child would be taken from you forever (“A lesson learned?,” Aug. 11).

Perhaps it would be better for Chuck Hoage to get himself another dog after confirming that he would care for the animal in the same way he would his own child. These wonderful animals give us their unconditional love and devotion and deserve the same in return.

Joyce Albright

Los Osos

Why not tethered?

I have just one question for Chuck Hoage regarding his dog Annie. If he was driving a pickup truck with a large dog loose in the back, why on Earth wasn’t that dog tethered so it could not jump out and get lost?

Carolann Scott

Los Osos

Shelter dog awaits

I think I speak for most Aussie owners in this county (I’ve had four Australian shepherds/border collies) when I say to Annie’s new owners: There’s another shelter dog (or puppy) just waiting for you, lonely, scared and needing a forever-family.

Just think, in a blink of an eye, how two dogs could be made the happiest dogs on earth! Please give Annie back to her forever-family.

Laura Dickinson

San Luis Obispo

No comparison

I was out of town when the original article was published about Annie. However, upon reading the article about her, I was appalled.

I cannot imagine how the new owners of Annie can justify their actions by keeping her. There is no comparison between having a dog for a few weeks and feeding, caring and loving a dog for seven years.

I hope that all the controversy in the newspaper and on the radio will make the new owners feel guilty and put pressure on them to return the dog to Chuck Hoage. They absolutely cannot be attached to Annie this fast and if they think they are, then they are very, very selfish.

I am putting myself in Hoage’s place and I would be devastated and heartsick.

Judith L. Wiltse