Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On 15th District Race

Our state in decline

As we know, California is at a crossroads. Under the dubious leadership of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, our once great state has declined to the extent that should make us feel shame.

Examples of this decline include our schools, parks, libraries, senior and health services, roads, and the list goes on.

Tuition at our colleges and universities is now beyond the reach of most middle-class families. Our K-12 education funding has slipped every year under the Schwarzenegger administration. We are now 48th in the nation on per-pupil spending for our schools.

We have the largest class sizes and the fewest number of librarians, nurses and counselors. Our teaching ranks have been decimated because of massive layoffs. What are we doing to our children? What are we doing to future generations? Where is our compassion?

Over the years, there have been numerous proposals supported by the majority of our representatives that would solve these problems. Each time, Sam Blakeslee and a handful of Republican legislators blocked these efforts.

In California, it takes only one-third of our legislators to oppose the will of the remaining two-thirds. That is the real problem.

Frank DePasquale


Tell the entire story

I read the letter from Mary Ann Foster (“Better work than talk,” July 18) with great interest. I felt sure The Tribune would follow up on why Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee would not be able to attend the July 26 debate.

All The Tribune has done for the last three weeks is write that he might not be coming. Not even a speculation as to why he was not able to attend the debate.

A recent article was titled, “State Senate hopefuls debate minus Blakeslee,” (July 27). I got the impression that the others had important things to say, and he was afraid to show up.

Finally, in the last column, Blakeslee’s absence was explained. He was at an Assembly Republican Budget Working group meeting. This was almost at the end of the article, after most readers quit reading.

Nothing about the fact that Blakeslee said weeks ago that Mondays would not work for him. It seems to me, The Tribune is trying to create negative feelings about Blakeslee by not telling the entire story.

Janice Nelson

Paso Robles

Showing up to debate

Two recent letters to the editor on Aug. 4 find it acceptable that Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee was not able to attend the recent League of Women Voters debate. They argue that the assemblyman’s attendance at a “budget advisory” meeting was more pressing than his attendance at a public forum where his views could be openly presented.

It seems to me that if these budget advisory meetings are held every Monday, they must be futile in nature since California continues to languish in a budget morass.

As an attendee of the recent debate (and I use that term loosely), it seems to me that Blakeslee’s time could have been better spent openly discussing the issues with the voting public so that we can have a better understanding as to how he proposes to conduct himself should he be elected to the Senate.

Inundating my mailbox with tons of meaningless garbage and excusing himself from public debates based on questionable rationale isn’t going to earn him my vote.

Richard Mortensen

San Luis Obispo

Vote has been cast

I’ve lost track of the number of Sam Blakeslee’s slick ads I have pulled from my mailbox.

They are all the same: John Laird is a superman. He has passed bad budgets, increased taxes, allowed illegal immigrants to seek financial aid to attend state colleges, etc. all by himself!

I am supposed to be led to believe that all those other legislators (including Blakeslee) sat on their behinds and let him do it.

Sorry, Blakeslee, your negativity is just too much! I will stick to my original impression of Laird. He is an intelligent, thoughtful, sincere and witty man who should be our next state Senator. In fact, I have already voted for Laird. Let the slick ads go to the landfill!

Ruth Jeen Alvord