Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/7

Good ol’ boys

So the boys in the pick-ups are at it again and taking the young-uns along. Camp Roberts held its annual “Let’s go shoot some arrows into whatever moves” event and the good ol’ boys loved it (“Sports Roundup,” Aug. 1).

I love the term “harvest” to describe a kill, which paints a picture of gentle men cutting wheat or picking apples for all to enjoy. Not exactly.

These bloodthirsty morons just want to kill anything and see it painfully thrash on the ground until it dies. So dress (gut and skin) your kill, count your forked horns, kill your bunnies and know that one day you’ll get yours.

Patti Launders


Student widgets

Kathy Sherman (“Nation of thinkers?,” July 17) wishes that there were more teachers like Steve Kliewer (“Smarter than a fifth-grader? A perspective on education,” July 10). We need more people like you, Sherman, who can look at education as an opportunity to learn skills, rather than facts.

Educators must have a clear vision of where they are going and must be able to convey that vision or education will be like a vaccination that doesn’t take.

The testing of schools as required by the No Child Left Behind Act treats students as widgets. As long as the widgets correctly regurgitate facts that conform to the California math and science standards, the school gets a passing score.

Being able to remember facts for a test does not guarantee that the students know anything that will be useful to them in their lives and will do little to prepare them for the leadership roles they must assume in the new global economy.

The learning paradigms employed in the Endeavour Program builds students’ skills so that when they are out of the classroom environment, they know how and where to look for information to do their jobs effectively.

Let’s keep this conversation going.

Judythe A. Guarnera

Grover Beach

Grateful for service

I am a 90-year-old World War II veteran who served in the United States Merchant Marines. I recently went to a local restaurant and was wearing my jacket with the name and logo of the Merchant Marines on it.

I had a fine lunch. When the waitress brought the check, I was very surprised when she said, “Your bill has already been paid by a person who had seen your jacket and requested I thank you for your service.”

This was gratitude and much appreciated. I just wanted to share the incident.

William Bowen

Arroyo Grande

Democracy’s death

The judge who struck down Proposition 8 because it was “unconstitutional” overlooked the fact that minority rule is unconstitutional and the death of democracy.

Pat Byrne