Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/6

AP’s turn to the right

As a longtime print reporter with a lot of friends who spent careers working for the Associated Press, I’m discouraged by the AP’s turn to the right, apparently to get its product published in local newspapers where the editors seem to agree that publishing stories trashing anything President Barack Obama does or tries to do is somehow presenting the news.

A little research informed me that Daniel Wagner, who wrote the inadequately sourced mess titled, “Program risks billions to save weak banks,” (Aug. 2) is an AP business writer. It appears that position gives him a platform to write any opinion piece he wants, and local editors will present it as news.

The AP’s recent track record suggests it will continue with this approach for the foreseeable future, and that The Tribune will happily go along with it. To aggravate the problem at The Tribune, your headline writers sometimes suggest an anti-Obama story angle is worse than the text supports.

All I can say is may you all reap what you sow, though I’m sad that my grandkids seem doomed to live in a world that has lost all carefully mediated sources of news.

Larry L. Lynch

Paso Robles

Unclouding the issue

It’s hard to imagine that Dennis Bertrand (“ ‘Big energy’ hysteria,” Aug. 3) and I live less than 12 miles apart yet appear to be from different planets. Real science says the world I live in is consuming finite resources at an alarming rate, while fouling our air and water.

Bertrand, I might suggest dozens of books and websites that can inform and suggest personal and societal strategies that make a difference. I would highly recommend looking into “Climate Cover-Up” by James Hoggan, an in-depth look at who is funding the movement to cloud the issues of climate change (Hint: It is not in the interest of big oil and big coal to have us move away from hydrocarbons).

You refer to our planet “self-destructing,” yet evidence shows that our planet has rightened itself before, independent of the destructive nature of human influence. The question is, what are you willing to do to ensure that there exists a world to hand down to our offspring?

Can you be dedicated to preserve and protect this orb we live on, or do you wish to be a tool of those who squeeze their profits out of the diminishing resources of our planet Earth?

Allen Root

San Luis Obispo

Outstanding column

The recent Viewpoint column by Lee Ferrero about Alzheimer’s disease was outstanding (“You can learn to live with Alzheimer’s,” Aug. 1).

Most articles on Alzheimer’s are written by researchers or caregivers. Ferrero wrote from firsthand experience. His words were intelligent and thoughtful. He imparted a feeling of calmness to a subject that strikes fear into most of us.

My sincere thanks to Ferrero for providing a sensible view on how to handle life after such a diagnosis.

Patricia Cowdery


Blakeslee, don’t hide

Please, Sam Blakeslee, don’t hide your light under a bushel! Do engage in free and open debate in our democratic election process. Real debating is so American, fostering the dialogue that the authors of “The Federalist Papers” — John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison — knew was essential for an informed electorate.

Liz and I have been saddened and dismayed by the virulent tenor of the many mailing sent to us by some of your supporters. Cynicism alone is not a nourishing diet.

Dan Krieger

San Luis Obispo

Mixed messages

Referring to the editorial in The Tribune titled, “Public health must trump recreation” (July 28): This headlines does not match the article. The Tribune states the “off-roaders deserve legal access to public land.” Hogwash! You apparently do not live in this area.

I recently read in your newspaper the statistics for crime rates in the state’s parks (“Crime on the rise,” July 25). Oceano Dunes tops the list. This, along with the air quality problem, is enough to close down the dunes to off-highway vehicles.

I do want to see them kicked off the dunes. As far as your statement that off-highway vehicles contribute to the economy, not true. If the noise and pollution were absent, the tourist trade would flourish.

Pismo Beach attracts many more tourists to their clean environment. Recently, you published letters from out-of-state visitors who were astonished that these unsafe, abusive vehicles were allowed onto our beautiful beach. Get rid of them. 

H.D. Burson


Kill 2 birds with vote

Some people are concerned with illegal immigration because they think illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans. They think the border fence will cost too much. No problem! We just vote in all incumbents, and in a couple of years, our economy will get so bad that no Mexicans will come here to look for work.

If we continue to vote in all incumbents, Mexico will build a fence to prevent Americans from going there to look for work.

Robert Parkhurst