Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/5

Peril of ignoring

The hysterical rant offered by Dennis Bertrand (“ ‘Big energy’ hysteria,” Aug. 3) is typical of those who react to any science that suggests that government needs to take a hand to solve a problem.

Bertrand tips his hand by the statement that “politicians use their scientific ‘findings’ to impose whatever style of authoritarianism is current on the rest of us.”

Science is neither right nor left. The science behind warnings about global warning is the result of many years of research, study and analysis.

We heard this type of reaction to warnings about overuse of pesticides. Again, about tobacco and cancer. Also about acid rain. Each time, those fearful of government control screamed, “Socialism!”

Several presidents have warned us about our excessive use of energy and, especially, energy created by fossil fuels. The evidence is around us. We ignore the science at peril to our descendants.

Robert McDougle

Los Osos

Misplaced mosque

Concerning a mosque at ground zero: Isn’t this setting a dangerous precedent? What about all the other places that should be remembered with a monument to the victor?

Why didn’t the U.S. build a nuclear reactor at ground zero Nagasaki? Masada would need a giant edifice such as the Arc de Triomphe that could be seen from the valley floor carrying the declaration Pax Romana.

A mosque at ground zero would be no different than planting a monument to Napoleon at St. Petersburg or a tribute to Dr. Josef Mengele at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. But we are supposed to accept it because it is in the name of religion? Then let us place a great edifice to Jesus Christ at ground zero. He was the one to whom people were calling out on that dreadful day.

I can’t visualize any of these things happening. As a conservative, I am doubtful that we could even reasonably expect a few kind words for President George W. Bush displayed at Democratic national headquarters. N’est-ce pas?

Lauren R. Baum

San Luis Obispo

Not ‘always better’

I have a question with regard to Carl M. Ricard’s quotation at the end of his letter: “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization” (“Palin the rogue,” July 31).

Why is that your “always better Democrats” such as John Kerry, Timothy Geithner, Charlie Rangel and Tom Daschle, to name a few, only found it necessary to pay certain federal and/or state taxes when it became politically expedient to so do for the purpose of impressing the electorate, getting an appointment or wiggling out of serious charges of misconduct in the House of Representatives?

Hildy Owen

Morro Bay

Write to Congress

How many of you bought your house when the prices were high, and you got in with a small down payment, leaving you with a large mortgage?  And now you owe more than the house is worth, so you can’t sell it or refinance?  

Well, our helpful Congress is talking about taking away former President George Bush’s home mortgage interest deduction! I suggest you write to your congressman and everyone else’s to push them to leave it as it is.

Paula Nixon

Paso Robles

Morro Bay flags

As a veteran of World War II, I am happy to see the flags along Morro Bay Boulevard. But the flag at the Centennial Stairway has not been regularly displayed in more than 20 years.

I hope the Centennial flag becomes permanent and retained there for all the soldiers, including the ones who gave their lives for this war and previous wars.

My thanks to the city of Morro Bay. Gordon Thomas Morro Bay

A ‘Grand’ mistake

What the Grover Beach City Council is doing to the businesses at the west end of Grand Avenue should be a crime. The timing for the refurbishment on Grand Avenue could not have been more ill-timed/planned.

For these poor business people, their prime sales periods are Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and by the looks of things, the rest of summer.

These council members have to be considered the most inept administrators in San Luis Obispo County, if not all of California.

Raymon N. Torres


Death of a penalty

Our state, with its severe budget delays, layoffs and cuts to teachers, is now cutting the pay of state workers. Instead, let’s get rid of the death penalty! It’s not used anyway, and taxpayers pay more than $90,000 per inmate per year to house these monsters. Make all of them lifers instead.

Sell San Quentin State Prison to San Francisco and make it a museum like Alcatraz. The money alone would help greatly with our delayed budget. We don’t need another prison, and we don’t need a death penalty if it is not enforced.

No death penalty ends the appeal process that also causes taxpayers millions of dollars after the inmates sit on death row before appeals even begin.

Do California and its taxpayers a big favor, shut down San Quentin, sell it to San Francisco, and do something good for the people who have had to pay for years for nothing.

Susan Asabez