Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/3

‘Big energy’ hysteria

The very idea that human activity could cause the destruction of the Earth by “over warming” is ludicrous.

Much of the leftist hysteria assigns villainy to “big energy.” Energy companies are not my enemies because they provide me with inexpensive energy for a great many of my needs and activities.

I believe that the continued demonization of American industry by climate ideologues is the real future danger, not global warming.

We are told that people’s activities must be altered or the planet will self-destruct. And, of course, we must defer to the geniuses on the left and allow nutters like Al Gore and others (most of whom couldn’t run a hot dog stand) to decide how, when and if individuals consume energy.

What is implied by columnists Tom Friedman, Paul Krugman and Supervisor Adam Hill is that only a faceless bureaucrat or an elected official corrupted by ideology has the competence to make decisions regarding energy.

It is truly sad that charlatans with a political agenda have corrupted science and that politicians use their scientific “findings” to impose whatever style of authoritarianism is current on the rest of us.

Dennis Bertrand

Morro Bay

Pigs to slaughter

Regarding recent articles about the exploitation of farm animals: Do the children raising pigs, cows and other livestock for profit know what happens to them after they are sold so that they can become the shrink-wrapped piece of flesh that you call food?

Does 11-year-old Kelsey Shrode (“Hogs’ time to shine,” July 15), who spent hours lovingly brushing and giving belly rubs to her sweet pig, Lola, know that the slaughter of pigs can be horrific.

While they are supposed to be stunned before being killed, the procedure is often rushed and imprecise. As a result, pigs are commonly still conscious and kicking as workers hang them upside down, slit their throats, cut off their limbs and rip their skin from their bodies.

There are other ways to make money for college and develop a good work ethic that doesn’t contribute to the suffering of animals who feel pain just like your cat or dog, doesn’t contribute to obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes as the most common source of saturated fat and cholesterol and doesn’t contribute to global warming and water pollution as a main cause of greenhouse gas emissions and toxic water run-off.

Gina De Carlo

Central Coast Vegetarian Network