Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/2

To the middle

It’s fruitless debating true believers, the bases, the right/left blocs. Elections are won by the largest base, the undecideds. They’re feared by “Conservadems,” obstructionist Democrats who keep the United States in legislative gridlock.

In the 1980s, conservatives started their program to discourage the middle from voting, instilling apathy with loud, rude, divisive rhetoric and harsh, strident, shrill personal attacks, using “factoids” and anecdotal “evidence,” numbing even the most patriotic citizens.

The vision is a corporate-run state. But the only thing big enough to stop runaway corporate feudalism is we the people. That’s why our government is attacked relentlessly.

My urgent message is to those in the middle. Republicans are no longer the party of Dwight Eisenhower and Everett Dirksen. Many older voters don’t know that because their evening news and most newspapers have been compromised. Corporate news loses profits reporting the whole story.

Worried about the deficit scaremongering? Do some patriotic homework. Google “Senator Sanders” and click on “Floor speech on estate tax.” That’ll give a frightful flavor of the monstrous theft of our country. See what we’re up against.

Don’t worry about watching “biased, left-wing” news. You’ll see that “truth speaks to truth!” No computer? Read “Threshold” by Thom Hartmann. Soon.

Charlie Lawrence

Paso Robles

Dangerous theory

I am shocked that The Tribune continues to publish editorials that promote the anthropogenic global warming theory. Belief in this political dogma is declining around the world. Skeptics of the anthropogenic global warming theory are not the ones denying facts, the truth is on their side!

More than 95 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions from this planet come from natural sources, such as decaying products, that have nothing to do with man’s activities. Could the relatively small amount of carbon dioxide that man adds to the atmosphere be the driver of the world climate?

We have real hard data (facts) that this is not the case: From the 1940s to the 1970s, the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere increased while the average global temperature decreased, so much that some scientists worried about global cooling. There is also proxy data such as ice core samples that indicate that carbon dioxide levels were high in the past without causing global warming.

Clearly, carbon dioxide is not the driver. It is just a politically convenient vehicle for those who desire to tax and spend more in the name of “saving the world.” That is the real danger that we face.

Dean Carlson

Arroyo Grande

Enforce no-dog rule

I have no idea whatsoever how many ordinances the city of Pismo Beach has on file. I do know that they should enforce the last one just as vigorously as they enforce the first one.

Every day, my wife and I take a walk on the promenade and the pier. Posted on the pier, a sign reads: No dogs allowed on pier. At the bottom is a P.B.M.C. number.

Every day, there are people who walk their dogs on the pier. I have yet to witness a police officer patrolling that area. It is bad enough to come back with pigeon poop on your shoes, and it is disgusting to come back with dog poop.

We are both pet lovers and understand why others love them also. However, those who do not clean up after them are the ones who give everyone else a bad name.

It would be a nice gesture if the police patrolled that area on a daily basis. Why enact a law and then refuse to enforce it?

Lem Hair

Pismo Beach

Military deceit

The lingering clouds of deceit still determine our policies regarding Afghanistan. That monster, smoldering in the shadow of our lives, wallows in the billions of dollars that we have sent it monthly.

Those who are masters of this creation maintain their ascendancy by claiming that they are fighting the “War on Terrorism,” using that artful dodge, 9/11, to justify their demagoguery. 9/11, that mystical illusion that has been clearly proven by numerous scholars, engineers and architects to be highly suspect, has been cleverly made to acquire the omnipresence of truth.

Keeping in mind that maxim, “follow the money,” one must consider that there is more to this drive in Afghanistan then fighting terrorism or the Taliban. Billions of dollars are being spent monthly here, with a great deal going into the pockets of those supplying the weaponry, the military-industrial complex.

This group believes that an unsettled world rife with wars and rumors of wars is an ideal pasture to sow their insidious seeds of fear that have reaped a harvest of trillions over the years since World War II. Their policy is sustained by a subservient news media.

W.R. Cole

Arroyo Grande