Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/27

Hypocritical liberals

Los Angeles Times columnist Peter Mehlman is cute (“Obama, talk radio and road rage — sort of,” July 22). This former “Seinfeld” writer espouses the liberal view that “ideally, you’re supposed to tolerate the opinions of others,” even though he finds it so “annoying” that he dangerously stalks someone who suggests he consider another’s opinion.

Mehlman’s commentary is nothing short of hypocritical. He con-siders himself on the high road of superior liberal thought. He infers that the problem with American opinion is that some people believe their opinions should be “broadcast at every opportunity.”

Obviously, he means conservatives (or those who don’t agree with his opinion) should keep their mouths shut while he plies his liberal commentary. To Mehlman, a conservative with an opinion is a “uranium-enriched” maniac who he can then homicidally tail down the street.

If you are trying to be a humorous, overpaid Hollywood liberal with an opinion, it’s acceptable to wish death and silence on those who disagree with you, but if you are a conservative with an opinion, you are to be stalked, wished death upon and silenced.

American, Hollywood-styled, hypocritical liberals wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would The Tribune most of the time.

Kevin Chambers

San Luis Obispo

Recreational jewel

It is clear to me that the Prado Road Initiative will strengthen the long-term circulation of the southern area of town.

When approving the Margarita and Airport area annexations, the City Council left room for four lanes for Santa Fe Road to join the eastern end of Prado Road with Tank Farm Road.

Santa Fe will be re-aligned down to Buckley Road, which will be the southern circulator route, and Tank Farm Road, which is the industrial and commercial road, will become four lanes from Broad Street to South Higuera Street.

I believe it is time to recognize the importance of the resource we have with the open space adjacent to the Damon-Garcia Sports Fields. Now is the time to support the option to utilize the entire area as a recreational jewel. Pedestrian and bicycle pathways should join the two parcels, which should not be separated by a four-lane truck route.

I urge the City Council to adopt the initiative outright and direct staff to fully utilize the then-abandoned right-of-way for enhanced recreation. The city’s long-term circulation plan will be improved, and the language of the original purchase of the Damon-Garcia property for recreation will be honored.

Christine Mulholland

San Luis Obispo