Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/24

Better this year?

We (two seniors) always look forward to attending the Mid-State Fair but the heat, noise and crowds have us thinking twice about going. However, we were delighted last year when the fair opened at 10 a.m. on Senior Day to accommodate seniors who wanted to avoid the midday heat.

It was very disappointing to find the exhibit halls, commercial buildings and food booths all closed and not open until noon. The only thing left for us to see was to wander through the animal sheds.

What was the purpose of opening the gates early if nothing inside was open? Two hours of watching animals and food booths restock was not what we went to the fair to see. Hopefully things will be different this year.

Millie Bewley


Lasting legacy

Public art is one of the elements that separate San Luis Obispo from nearby mini-malls and big-box stores. With a museum of its own plus more than a dozen top galleries, art is a public commitment and a lasting legacy in San Luis Obispo. Bravo!

Linda Brownson

Arroyo Grande

Chips are great

Thank you for your support of more dog parks in San Luis Obispo County. I would encourage Arroyo Grande to consider wood chips (“Paws wear out popular park,” July 19). They have worked wonders at the El Chorro dog park.

We often get dried eucalyptus chips that have an anti-flea component as a natural part of the wood. They are not sappy if dried somewhat before we spread them out. A few dogs don’t like chips, but very few. As far as picking up dog poop, if everyone watches and spots the dogs, the park stays very clean.

Barbara Horrocks

San Luis Obispo

Muddling around

I moved into a senior mobile home park on South Higuera Street when I retired 19 years ago. It took only a few months for me to see that there was a need for another east/west street between South Higuera and South Broad streets.

Now, after years of environmental impact studies and planning, it seems that a group of NIMBYs wants to keep traffic out of their neighborhood. Other residents on the south side of town can just keep muddling around for another couple of decades, it seems.

Doris Highland

San Luis Obispo

‘Gotcha’ topic

Why has the League of Women Voters picked the limited social topic of “child-ren’s services” for their upcoming state Senate debate?

At a time of looming bankruptcy for Californ-ia, an inability to get the budget out on time and with each agency and commission screaming “don’t cut here,” this topic seems like a “gotcha” for a fiscal conservative.

The best thing we can provide for our children is job growth and job opportunities for their parents.

Sue Perry

Morro Bay