Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/23

Struggling American

Regarding Tom Bauer’s letter, “Arrogant Americans” (July 22): 

I am one of those people who you accuse of “endlessly complain-(ing) about the fact that our government cares enough about the needy to try and do something.” If the government really cared about helping, they would not do things the way they do them.

Let’s address who I am in relation to your claimed “complainers.” I am 27 with a wife and child. I have had to delay my education so that we could have my child. I have had to work off debt because I was sick with no insurance. I have felt the futility of rejection while searching for a better job. I have not used unemployment benefits because I was not too proud to work the lowly jobs with little pay so that I could still provide for my family.

In all of this, I have never accepted a bit of “government assistance” because I still believe that my hard work will pay off and I will achieve the American dream. 

So you call me arrogant and un-American, but I’m afraid that your own letter reveals you to be more so than I.

Jamie Lancaster


Blakeslee, debate

You know what I haven’t seen lately? The Aflac insurance duck. But big corporate interests have found another (lame) duck to put on my TV screen: Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee.

The local San Luis Obispo League of Women Voters have tried to organize a debate for all four candidates for the Aug. 17 state Senate special election. The League got commitments for the proposed date from Democrat John Laird, Independent Jim Fitzgerald and Libertarian Mark Hinkle -— but not from Assemblyman Blakeslee.

C’mon, Sam, stop quackin’ around and join the July 26 debate. You know, the debate you agreed to do.

Cheryl Conway


Brooks appreciated

Thank you for the journalists who fill your commentary section every day. I especially appreciate David Brooks, who seems to be the last moderate conservative we have. His column recently about the growth of our federal government was an eye-opener (“The American technocracy boom,” July 22).

The accusation that only progressive administrations cause huge growth in federal regulatory agencies was put to rest nicely. His constant and careful attention to giving us the facts makes Brooks a breath of fresh air from the moderate right.

In contrast, the Fox channel exists only to twist and bend whatever it can dig up to try to embarrass the current administration. That network is a 24-hour infomercial for the radical right. It is funded by the wealthy who are scared to death that the average citizen may one day see them for what they really are.

Their “news people” are shills spouting the party line over and over and manufacturing non-news to keep their audience enthralled.

Can we petition PBS to give David Brooks his own show rather than the few minutes we get to see him on their “News Hour”?

Mary Ross


Expensive speech

CSU Stanislaus paid Sarah Palin $75,000 for a speech (July 17). Please, someone tell me what she said that was worth $75,000. The same for Bill Clinton and the rest of them.

John Kepler

San Luis Obispo

A good July 4 show

Congratulations, Morro Bay, on a fantastic 2010 Fourth of July celebration!

From the bike parade to the fireworks, food, fun and music, everyone enjoyed an incredible Independence Day in our beautiful city. Everyone in the entire community and elsewhere deserves a huge round of applause for a job well done.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all of our sponsors, donors, participants, residents, volunteers, vendors and visitors, as well as our advertisers, businesses, organizations, professionals and city personnel for your phenomenal effort and support.

We could not have done it without each and every one of you. Your enthusiasm was contagious and it showed on all of the smiling faces throughout the entire weekend of festivities.

Planning has already begun for 2011 and we hope you will all join us as we look ahead to continuing this wonderful family friendly tradition next year. Please visit our website at www.morrobay4th.org for more information.

Trina Dougherty

Morro Bay 4th, Inc.