Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/18

‘Climate change’ sham

The definition of “climate change” is a change in the statistical distribution of weather over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. In my opinion, the temperatures quoted by the Environmental Protection Agency came from the false claims of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“Climate change” is used to waste taxpayer money. When will we stop spending money on frivolous studies? The $105,000 grant San Luis Obispo County received could be spent on much better things (“Climate change is hot topic in county,” July 4). I can provide the answers to those “most important issues” quite easily.

Water: We need to conserve more.

Agriculture: Give farmers the water they need and leave them alone to grow food.

Public health: It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Plan accordingly.

Coastal marine and transportation: If you fill a glass of water with ice and let it come to room temperature, the level of the water will not rise.

Man does not have the power to change the overall climate of the earth. Only Mother Nature can do that. Answer me this: Why would Al Gore buy a home on the ocean if he truly thought the oceans would rise?

Gary Kibbe

San Luis Obispo

Come back soon, Ron

From the first time so many years ago when my friend Jan said to me, “What! You’ve never been to Ron’s [Nursery]!? Get in the car!” and introduced me to the oasis in Grover Beach, I have visited Ron’s Nursery at least every other month. 

I often bought pots and plants and other gifts, but just as often I was there to see the artistry and imagination of that lovely place and enjoy the people who made it so gorgeous.  

It was worth the drive from Los Osos whenever I needed a pick-me-up or some inspiration for decorating indoors and out. 

Many patrons will miss the wonderful sanctuary that was Ron’s Nursery. I hope everything works out well and that he’ll have another garden to share with us again soon.  

Debbi Pascua

Los Osos

Help the dog park

In keeping with the Five Cities Dog Park Association mission statement, “to promote responsible dog ownership,” and as a fundraiser to support our dog park, we and the Arroyo Grande Parks and Recreation Department are holding a big fair, “Puttin’ on the Dog,” at Elm Street Park on Saturday, Aug. 21, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

All well-behaved dogs (on-leash) are invited to participate. We’ll open with a pooch parade (Strut your mutt!). We’ll have vendors of dog merchandise and services, dog- adoption opportunities, great demonstrations, contests such as “Cutest Dog” and “Best Trick or Frisbee Routine” and great prizes, raffles and a barbecue lunch.

For more information and to register for the barbecue or the contests, you can go to our website: www.fivecitiesdog park.org. To be a vendor and reserve your booth space or to become a sponsor, please contact me at 801-6073 or by e-mail at cyneklund@sbcglobal .net. We also have great sponsorship opportunities, too. Call me for the scoop on that.

Our dog park was built and operates solely on donations. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible. Help us and have fun at the same time!

Cynthia Eklund

Arroyo Grande

Habitat is back

After nearly three months, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Templeton is set to re-open Wednesday in its new facility, twice the size of our last place and just around the corner from the old location!

I want to express my sincerest appreciation for the commitment shown by this community in a concerted effort to move our project forward. Many people gave their best efforts in the interest of having the building materials reused and recycling center up and running again.

I want to personally thank the Board of Supervisors for listening to our story and believing in our mission to eliminate poverty housing in San Luis Obispo County. We are grateful to the businesses and organizations who helped us get here: Mid State Solid Waste, NCI Affiliates, SportRock, OSH, Lowe’s, Thoma Electric, Quinn Rentals, our loyal and patient customers and supporters and above all, the most amazing group of volunteers in the country!

We invite the public to join us on opening day at 2959 Limestone Way in Templeton. Donate, shop and sign up to volunteer at the happiest little hardware store on Earth! Help us make an even greater impact.

Kathy Petrasich

Manager, ReStore North Atascadero

Graffiti fouls beach

Was there a graffiti contest in Avila Beach this weekend? As I walked along the dog beach near the port, I came upon marks that turned my smile into a frown. There are those who just don’t respect nature, thinking that writing with black chalk is cute and decorative. Some need to learn, some things are beautiful just the way they are.

Mike Johnson

San Luis Obispo

Better work than talk

Regarding “Blakeslee may be no-show at debate,” July 15: The debate is sponsored by the League of Women Voters, who want candidates “to share their views on children’s services in particular.”

This story appeared July 15 — 15 days into the new fiscal year without a budget, costing the state an estimated $52.5 million a day. By the end of this month, the repercussions will be felt in services that support thousands of children.

Community organizations will be unable to pay their bills as the state cuts reimbursements until a budget is in place. Others affected include the mentally ill, disabled and elderly.

Will you be doing your job rather than debating, Assemblyman Blakeslee? I assume the League will understand.

Mary Ann Foster

San Luis Obispo