Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/17

Nation of thinkers?

The Viewpoint, “Smarter than a fifth-grader? A perspective on education,” (July 10) was great. Why aren’t there more educators like Steve Kliewer? It begs some review of the entire educational system. His thoughts make sense if we’re to see each new generation educated and trained to learn more. He says:

“The Endeavor program helps students choose a series of interesting and challenging projects that require targeted skills and knowledge. The instructor guides them in their inquiries and provides “just-in-time” lessons at points when they want to know the information, can make the most sense of it and are most likely to remember it later.”

He’s saying we need to get the kids actively involved in projects that whet their appetite to learn and actually do projects that put the learning into action.

Congress and our political leaders could take a cue also. I wonder how many of them actually have practical experience running a business and making profits. Your answer is in the lack of solutions they’ve come up with to get the country back on track. It would be great to develop a nation of thinkers instead of do-nothing pontificators.

All the more reason to think about Kliewer’s sage insights.

Kathy Sherman

Los Osos

Permission granted?

I read Jessi O’Cady’s letter (“Lack of respect,” July 14) and I noticed O’Cady lives in Morro Bay. The Los Osos bear is obviously in Los Osos and belongs to the city of Los Osos. Nowhere in the letter does O’Cady say permission was given by the city of Los Osos to dress the bear in whatever garb was desired.

It’s possible that employees of the city of Los Osos removed the garments and other items because they were placed there without the proper permission.

Of course, I am speculating, because I don’t know for sure, but I would encourage O’Cady to check with the city of Los Osos before casting accusations. If the items were placed on the bear without permission, then that is where the lack of respect lies.

Adrian M. Hurtado


Bring on new blogs

Oh boring bloggers! Do you guys over at The Tribune have the same group of people writing your blogs?

Because let me tell you, I am not impressed.

How about a little sense of humor every now and then.

To put it plainly, the writing style of these guys just doesn’t hit the spot. How about having guest bloggers? I know a few of us would like to share our two cents about certain things, whether they be politics, entertainment or news/crime.

It would be nice to be able to submit entries from our personal blogs, see if they’re up to par and then have you decide to take a chance on one or a few of us. Give it some thought. Give others a chance.

Miranda King

Grover Beach