Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/15

Purse returned

On July 13, I left Walmart to go to our veterinarian’s office to pick up our cat who has a broken leg. As I arrived there, I found I didn’t have my purse.

I had left it in the shopping cart at Walmart.

We frantically returned to Walmart (my life is in my purse), and I asked a greeter who said it had been turned in to customer service. Sure enough, the people at customer service had my purse locked up waiting for me.

Some wonderful person had turned it in.

The Walmart customer-service employees were so helpful and professional. I can’t thank all of you enough.

Ellen Schroeder


Where’s money from?

I decided to wait a few weeks before writing in to see what outrage would be expressed by the citizens of San Luis Obispo over the $640,000 approved by the City Council to “upgrade” three blocks of Higuera Street (“Downtown SLO to get a $640K upgrade,” June 18).

Improvements include new mission-style sidewalks, upgraded tree grates and a fresh coat of paint on traffic and light poles. A short article a few days later said a large art project featuring three stainless steel and titanium whirly things had been approved to be installed at Higuera and Marsh streets for a thousand dollars more (June 23).

Nowhere was it mentioned just where this rather large sum of money would come from. Information later surfaced to indicate that most of the money would come from the city’s general fund. But alas, nary a peep from the citizenry!

Why would I expect citizen outrage? Well, the city has been crying poor-mouth for months now, cutting back worthy programs and still out looking for more cuts to come up with a balanced budget. Yet somehow, they’ve managed to find well over a half million dollars to pretty up pieces of the city. I guess the citizenry thinks that’s just ducky.

Richard Kinz


Another choice

The June primaries are over, and the citizens of San Luis Obispo County are enjoying a brief respite from the ubiquitous campaign signs and slogans all over town, including those dream-boy images of Ian Parkinson that seemed to pop up everywhere. Who even knew there was such a thing as a billboard on wheels?

But good voters of our county, let it be known that there is another choice for sheriff. Parkinson’s high-priced, San Diego-based political consultants and campaign dollars failed in their all-out attempt to herd the voters into believing he was the only choice.

Kudos to the voters who took a serious look at each candidate’s qualifications, integrity and fair campaign practices and voted accordingly. When they do so again this November, the choice will be obvious — Joe Cortez is the man who can turn our Sheriff’s Department around, just like he has done for other troubled departments over the past 15 years!

Evelyn Plemons

Pismo Beach