Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/13

Next: leaf blowers

I enjoyed Julie Lynem’s article regarding the new anti-smoking laws in San Luis Obispo (“Anti-smoking laws meant to save lives,” July 3). Also, I wrote a Viewpoint article that ran in the Oct. 9, 2009, issue of the newspaper regarding the cleanup of the dog park at Laguna Lake Park (“Clean up Laguna’s dog park”). Thankfully, our delightful city has responded admirably.

At this point, I should like to raise the issue of the annoyance and health hazard posed by the overuse of leaf blowers by virtually every groundskeeper in our town. They frequently start as early as 7 a.m. and go well into the early evening.

I have seen workers on opposite sides of the street blowing dust and debris back and forth, raising a cloud of pollen and other detritus and creating a truly unreasonable level of noise.

The pollen being blown about is clearly unhealthy, and the noise level upsetting. I suggest it is time to take the proverbial bull by the horns and consider enacting an ordinance. There are many allergy sufferers here who would benefit greatly from such an action, and I suspect most of our residents would be pleased and relieved by some limits on the noise pollution.

Norman S. White

San Luis Obispo

Yes on Prop. 21

The Tribune’s recent editorial supports Proposition 21, a proposed way to fund the state parks with an $18 increase in car licensing fees (“Hearst Castle, state parks need Prop. 21 funding,” July 4). 

It is estimated that approximately $500 million will accrue to address maintenance and long- term planning for needed park restoration. These funds cannot be used for any purpose other than for state park expenditures. The result will eliminate the annual $130 million withdrawal from the state’s general fund. 

The true benefits to passage of this initiative are that the parks will have secure funding for the long term. Further, every registered California resident will have day use access to any state park for free. Now that is a great deal! Vote “yes” on Proposition 21.

Paul Provence

Arroyo Grande