Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/12

All rights in trouble

I read Leonard Pitts Jr.’s column about the problems of the “no-fly” list with increasing interest (“Welcome to the friendly skies where freedom dies,” July 4). I seem to remember others bringing up these same problems when our good buddies on the “anti-gun” side of the house advocated denying people on this same list the right to buy a gun.

Their argument was that those on the list must be there for a reason, and therefore they shouldn’t have the right to buy a gun. Anyone who disagreed with that position was obviously against homeland security and for the terrorists who wanted to kill us all.

I also love the position of the ACLU, who will go to bat for your “freedom to move,” but not your freedom to buy a gun. So much for their version of civil liberties, but then we knew that.

I won’t beat this horse any longer, but will leave with this observation: If your government (federal, state or local) takes away any one of your rights completely, all your other rights are in jeopardy.

C.J. Bell

Arroyo Grande

Los Osos says thanks

Recently, Los Osos Middle School celebrated their graduates with the traditional eighth-grade dance party organized and run by parents. It was a huge success.

I want to thank the parents who came together and worked hard to make the evening perfect. You all did an amazing job.

A special thanks goes out to Karen James, who didn’t have any children at Los Osos Middle School but still donated a great amount of time and artistic energy in the months before the party.

There are many businesses that gave generously, even in these difficult times. A huge thank you goes out to our local Mac Superstore, Vons in Los Osos, Martinez & Sons Construction, State Farm Insurance in Morro Bay, Crills Saltwater Taffy, Best Buy, Ravine Water Park, the Mid-State Fair, The Dodgers, Blues Baseball, Wavelengths, Morro Bay Nails and Spa, the T-shirt Shop, Estero Bay Graphics, Foster Freeze, La Casita, Los Osos Fitness, and numerous other businesses and personal donations.

Also a thank you goes out to the custodians of Los Osos Middle School who were extremely helpful. Thank you to all involved for making the Wonderland 2010 dance party a night our kids will never forget.

Kelly Tabares

Los Osos

Paso’s holy streets

This is in response to Nancy Hendershot’s letter to the editor about the streets in Paso Robles (“Crumbling streets,” June 16).

Yes, I have noticed how bad many streets are. I have written a letter to the mayor of Paso Robles regarding Airport Road in front of the old Estrella Church. No response from him or anyone from the city.

We have driven over this section for more than 20 years, and all the city does to repair it is fill in the potholes with blacktop. I really have to laugh each time I drive (very slowly) over this section; it is just patched holes.

My question is, how long will it be before someone gets in a wreck in this section because of slow traffic, flat tires from the potholes that aren’t filled in or from trying to avoid the potholes (which you really can’t do)?

Karen Cudigan

Paso Robles

Sneed applauded

The rebound in the Morro Bay fishery is good news indeed and is in no small part because of David Sneed’s award-winning crusade to protect it by making it sustainable (“Up from the depths,” July 4).

A great example of the value of one our greatest freedoms — freedom of the press. How fitting that the article should appear on the Fourth of July.

Bob Shanbrom

Los Osos

Starthistle alert

I would like to give a notice of our concern to all landowners in San Luis Obispo County and also to the supervisors. We have a problem in our county: out-of control growth of starthistle.

Cattle owners and horse breeders, sheep and goat herders, your animals will not eat the thistle, and I am sure if it is mixed with alfalfa or hay, it will not be safe for them.

I believe all property owners should check their property now and do what is necessary to rid it of the invasive starthistle. We need to get some control over this menace. If not, will our land be usable in five years?

Frank S. Ciampi

San Miguel