Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/10

Congress reflects us

I would like to add some thoughts to Don Lane’s letter, “Think before voting” (July 5).

Governments tend to reflect their societies’ beliefs, values and morality. This is especially true of republics. The liars, crooks and warmongers that dominate our present government were, as always, put there voluntarily by its citizens in what are, for the most part, honest and open elections.

Of course, it is easy for such politicians, backed by their powerful special interest allies, to con the masses into voting for them. This is true for republics everywhere.

In fact, as a theory goes, this is why societies’ power elite “allow” voting to exist at all.

But when you consider the extreme alienation found in American society, its relatively high rate of crime and violence, its level of corruption and decadence and its tendency, especially of late, for irrational self destruction, I think it could be argued that the U.S. Congress, unfortunately, reflects our society fairly well.

Gerald Manata

Paso Robles

Image worries?

It is worthwhile to note that following exposure in the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and the possibility of a visit from “Good Morning America,” the county decided to work with Dan De Vaul to bring Sunny Acres up to code.

Now that the hoopla has died down, Judge Charles S. Crandall is following through with tenant evictions and nary a word from county officials (“De Vaul must clear out homeless,” July 3). This reeks of the county worrying more about its image than its citizens.

Perhaps “60 Minutes” should show up in our county and then officials will again discover their humanitarian side.

Brian Miller

San Luis Obispo

Banner response

I am a resident of Arroyo Grande and I am writing in regard to the Carpenters Local 150 union banners in the Arroyo Grande Village.

1. Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab is no longer opening a store in Santa Maria.

2. Doc Burnstein’s does not have any control over who the owner of the Santa Maria Town Center mall hires to do work.

3. The banners are a safety problem in our Village because they are a distraction for drivers and onlookers passing through.

4. This protest has gone on too long and the residents are becoming very annoyed with the traffic and ugly banners.

5. The banners are making our beautiful Village look ugly.

I encourage everyone to come and support the ice cream parlor in the Arroyo Grande Village to show the Carpenters Local 150 union that they are not wanted here and we are tired of their silly banners.

Sandra Bocchicchio

Arroyo Grande

Wait for 2012

I am responding to Jim Kopisch’s letter of July 1 wondering if he can fire our president (“Can we fire Obama?”).

Yes, you can Kopisch, but you will have to wait until November 2012 and hope that the majority of voters agree with you.

Until then, enjoy the ride and try not to get an ulcer.

Fabrizio Griguoli

Shell Beach