Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/9

Alternate measures

Recently, another mountain lion incident occurred within the city of San Luis Obispo (“Close encounter,” July 8). A young mountain lion was darted with a tranquilizer gun and then, in response to his instinctual response to disperse, was shot and killed.

I can appreciate law enforcement’s desire to do what they felt was appropriate for public safety; however, it is time for San Luis Obispo to consider alternative measures when dealing with our urban/wild land interface issues, especially those concerning our mountain lions.

There are alternative, nonlethal methods for the removal of dispersing young lions that can be encouraged with proper training and biological knowledge of the species.

On July 23 in Solvang, the organization Animal Rescue of Solvang is presenting a briefing for government officials and law enforcement regarding the presence of a California mountain lion within their jurisdiction and the use of nonlethal measures to remove this protected cat.

I encourage the San Luis Obispo Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department and California Fish and Game to participate in this forum and help our community be better prepared for the next urban/wild land interface with the protected California mountain lion.

Suzanne White-Nichols

San Luis Obispo

Spotlight on spill

Donna Long’s excellent letter (“A perfect storm,” July 5) about the tragic consequences of the oil spill on marine life brought to mind reporter Anderson Cooper’s determination to keep the urgent issue before us nightly on CNN.

Cooper has nailed BP again and again for its negligence and arrogance, yet that oil company continues to publish cloying ads about its supposed good intentions.

For the sake of ratings, other shows plug Lady Gaga while CNN acts in the best interest of the environment and (as Long wrote) “the American dream.”

Bob Brownson

Arroyo Grande

A wasted chance

President Barack Obama says he wants to get immigration reform passed, but that he must have Republican support to pass it. Why now?

He wasted a perfect opportunity for almost the entire first year of his presidency when the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. They could have passed any legislation they wanted.

Why does our president mislead us? If he wanted legislation passed, he could have gotten the members of his own party to pass it. Was the legislation so bad that even his own party wouldn’t support it?

Jim Vint


Fossil Point

Excellent suggestions on the future of Fossil Point (“Resort isn’t right fit for Fossil Point,” June 28). Massive resorts would degrade all of Avila Beach and there are already too many there. Trails and small structures blending in with natural vegetation is the way to go. Great thinking in your editorial.

Bill Denneen