Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/8

A greedy mess

There are nearly 2 million people who have been unemployed for up to two years who likely did not feel like celebrating over the past holiday weekend.

The reason? Our illustrious United States Senate decided to take a week off, allowing the unemployment benefits for those 2 million people to run out.

This is our government not working for us. Is it any wonder that the tea party is starting to gain a foothold? Our senators and representatives do not care about the people they represent, they are more concerned about themselves and acting in petty partisan ways.

What a shame. The government that was established in 1776 has been reduced to a greedy mess. If you are one of the 2 million people who are losing their unemployment benefits, I pray that you will survive this latest insult by our government and find some way to gain some hope each day.

In the meantime, when we vote in November, remember what our senators have done.

Mark Sobowits

Paso Robles

Illegal immigrants

I was planning a trip to Monument Valley in Arizona when the anti-immigrant legislation fervor came up and boycotting the state was mentioned.

Although I may not necessarily agree with this legislation, I am still planning on going since I will be visiting land controlled by the Navajo tribe. You know, the people who originally lived in the Arizona territory before it was taken over by illegal immigrants.

Dave Coronel

San Luis Obispo

Heartfelt thanks

I recently moved here from Southern California to care for my sister, Phyllis. She owned a local stained-glass store, which was its own community.

I was simply overwhelmed by the response from her customers and friends who pitched in labor and money to make the end of her life a little easier and nicer.

They volunteered their time and money to build a ramp, repair the front porch and a myriad of other things. I never knew such caring existed.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who really meant it when they said, “What can I do?”

Linda Wolk

San Luis Obispo

Cut their pay

How to save California: Instead of paying state workers (the ones that actually do the work) $7.50 an hour, how about we pay all state politicians (Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Kevin McCarthy, Abel Maldonado, etc.) $7.50 an hour for the next five years with no overtime pay and no free lunches.

Maybe then we can fix this mess we have in our state of California. They can also use the government health care plan. Maybe we can pass a budget then.

Bud Grant

Morro Bay