Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/5

Prevent more spills

Regarding the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill: I don’t think anything can really be said that would make things better for the people in the Gulf of Mexico area and for Americans in general.

However, instead of BP paying people who have lost businesses, jobs, etc., why not put those people to work on cleanup efforts and on preventing another spill by drilling secondary wells at each platform, installing redundant shut-off valves and testing all the existing valves to be sure they are operating properly?

I’m guessing we will have offshore drilling no matter what, but let’s be sure we take whatever steps are necessary to prevent another spill.

Robert Matano


A perfect storm

I am sickened, actually nauseous, over the oil spill and the lack of transparency in the facts of what is actually happening. We’ve all seen a few pictures of the oil-coated pelicans, but how many of us know about all the turtles dying or have seen pictures of workers “scooping up dead dolphins” and trucking them away?

How many of us know that this oil spill might be gushing more than 3 million gallons a day and with it 40 percent methane gas in every gallon? Gas that depletes the oxygen in our ocean and could easily cause dead zones for all marine life.

It is important that we continually are made aware of this catastrophe. Yes, BP obviously caused this disaster, but our own government agency, the United States Minerals Management Service, didn’t do its job in checking safety regulations, nor did the committee that overlooks the Minerals Management Service.

All getting paid and all incompetent.

These people should be fired and brought to court for criminal negligence. Without consequence there is no reason for change. And now with the hurricane season here, we have a perfect storm that will continue to erode even more of the American dream.

Donna Long

Arroyo Grande

Think before voting

We now have close to 10 percent unemployment, we’re fighting two wars, have spent $1 trillion bailing out our banking system, our economy is still in shambles, and we’re still stacking up debt by the billions every day.

Meanwhile, Rep. Lois Capps is focused in on the “puppy mill” problem that has gripped the nation (“Capps pushes bill cracking down on puppy mills,” June 28). Come on! Does anybody out there really think that our federal government was formed to regulate and tax the operation of “puppy mills”?

I truly love dogs and always have a couple around just to keep the cats away. I hate the thought of dogs being caged up just to produce puppies for profit, but this is truly a local problem for the county to handle, not the federal government. Let’s let them concentrate on some of the bigger issues like defending our borders or reducing our debt to China.

Here is my only question: Who keeps voting these people back into office? It’s not really the people like Rep. Capps who scare me. These types have been out there since the Revolutionary War. It’s the voters who really scare me. People, please! This time, try thinking before you vote in November.

Don Lane

Paso Robles

Thanks for the game

On Father’s Day, a number of Cabrillo Rehabilitation and Care Center “dads” attended the Santa Maria Valley Packers vs. San Luis Obispo Rattlers baseball game as guests of the Rattlers.

On a sunny afternoon, these “dads,” who seldom get to enjoy a live baseball game, adorned colorful ball caps, received Rattlers team autographed baseballs and ate All-American fare at San Luis Obispo’s Sinsheimer Stadium.

Assisted by families and caregivers, these men who seldom get to enjoy live baseball did so for a lively game that unfortunately ended with our host on the short side of the scoreboard.

Cabrillo Rehabilitation and Care Center extends its sincere gratitude to the Rattlers team president, William Hite, his wife, Nancy, and the Rattlers players, coaches and managers for an exciting game and wonderful hometown experience all the way to the end.

Juliana Tacker and Bryan Roldan

Cabrillo Rehabilitation and Care Center