Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/4

Subsidize pay, not water

It is only right for the residents of Paso Robles to vote on the water rates. The construction project is five times the cost of all the projects in Measure D-98, which the voters did get to approve. Had the city followed the intent of Proposition 218, this would be settled.

City officials continually assured people that growth would pay for itself, but bridges, police and fire services became overloaded. Measure D-98 was passed to cover the deficiency.

For years, residents were continually assured by city officials that there was plenty of water for growth. Now, we are being told that we have no choice but to pay for this project because there is a desperate need for water. To this day, no development project has been turned down because of a shortage of water.

We all know that growth requires more water. The question is “how much should existing residents have to pay to subsidize growth?”

The average resident’s income level in Paso Robles is one of the lowest of all the incorporated cities in the county. If the City Council were to subsidize anything, it should be to increase earnings, not increase the cost of living by saddling people with paying for growth.

Walter Heer

Paso Robles

Call for an earful

I wish the candidates cared enough to actually call, not use recordings. That way, I could tell them personally how their phone call makes me want to vote against them.

Political telemarketing is the ultimate in negative campaigning.

Mitch Rust

Arroyo Grande

Help the homeless

I am surprised by Rene Bravo’s NIMBY letter to the editor (“Homeless impact,” June 26).

His unfounded concern that the homeless folks who will inhabit the proposed new homeless complex at Prado Road and South Higuera Street will somehow conflict with mobile-home park tenants shows ignorance.

Living near the new homeless complex, which will be closely monitored, certainly beats living in many San Luis Obispo neighborhoods and downtown, where parties, noise and drunkenness are the weekly norm year after year.

Many of the folks who will use the shelter are families with children whose breadwinners have lost their jobs and homes due to the recession. There are numerous organizations and churches involved in volunteering time and money to make this project a success.

I would like to suggest that all of us who are so blessed to live in San Luis Obispo County work together to help our neighbors who are less fortunate than ourselves by making the proposed homeless shelter a place that we can all point to with pride and say, “I helped with this project!”

We all need to remind ourselves every day that, but for the grace of God, there go I!

Naoma Wright

San Luis Obispo

More on stem cells

The article titled, “Stem cells fix blindness in burn victims” (June 24) was both interesting and informative. The article stated that by using the patient’s own adult stem cells, they were able to grow new corneal eye tissue to replace and repair what had been damaged.

It was also stated that researchers are studying stem cell usage in other diseases, including diabetes and heart failure, with limited success.

I attended classes on stem cells at the International Conference for the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and evidence suggests that autologous (self) adult stem cells are finding successful application in many diseases, including orthopedic injuries and heart disease damage.

The use of stem cells is becoming a part of new health care therapies where regeneration of damaged tissue is now a reality. More information on the use of stem cells is becoming available as advances in medical research continues.

Alan Martin

San Luis Obispo

Fun Run says thanks

The Marianne Talley Foundation celebrated the 17th Annual Marianne Talley Fun Run on June 6. The day was enjoyed by 373 participants, with Hugo Gutierrez winning the five-kilometer in a time of 16 minutes, 12 seconds. Emily Johnston was the top female finisher in 19:28. The one-mile youth run’s winner, Christian Ricketts, finished in 5:58 and Linnea Skinner, top female, finished in 6:30.

Since 1993, the foundation has granted more than $160,000 in scholarships to Arroyo Grande High School scholar-athletes, with the fun run as the primary fundraiser. Community support makes the run a success.

Our thanks go out to these sponsors: Cavaletto Brothers, E.C. Loomis & Sons Insurance, Drs. Etnyre & Mikuni, Heritage Oaks Bank, Makor, Mallory-Berryhill, Mary A. Harris, Stephen Ross Wines, Amanda Brauer, Central Coast Printing, Okui’s Fruit Stand, Brough Construction and J. Carroll.

We would also like to acknowledge our volunteers, most especially Sean Ricketts and his group of Arroyo Grande High School parents, Tooti Bevill, Paula Dooley and team, and the Talley Vineyards staff.

We hope to see you all on our course for the 18th annual run scheduled for June 5, 2011.

Alyssa Ball

Coordinator, 17th Annual Marianne Talley Memorial Fun Run

Shame on PG&E

I have been wanting to respond to Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s ballot proposal to limit cities from establishing more efficient sources of energy. I wanted to prove to myself that the people of California are not so dumb as to approve Proposition 16. Thank goodness!

It upset me greatly that PG&E would approve such a ballot proposition. This proposition attacked one of the most fundamental political foundations established by the Founding Fathers, a representative government.

Why did our Founding Fathers establish a representative government? Because many of the issues we deal with politically are quite complicated, and you cannot expect all voters to have the time, ability or interest to study and involve themselves so that they can make rational decisions. We have representatives instead who are given time and direction to study the issues and decide what is best for their constituents.

To attack this basic fundamental of our government system is inconceivable to me. To have this attack supported by millions of dollars by a corporation is even more mind-boggling. Shame on PG&E! They owe all of us a heartfelt apology. Otherwise we will assume their basic line is only money and profits.

Charles R. Carlson

Los Osos

Give peace a chance

I support Congressmen John Conyers and Alan Grayson’s plan for a Department of Peace. It is an idea whose time has come!

We have many issues at home that need attention (including threats by John Boehner and other Republican representatives who want to cut Social Security and raise the retirement age to 70 to fund these wars). War sucks money from education, health care and important social programs, and war destroys the environment. War can only breed more war.

Who are we to think we can solve other countries’ problems when our own state of affairs is such a mess? It is time to study, focus on and embrace peace. To pretend to do this by escalating war is hypocrisy.

Please join me in letting our representatives in Congress know that we must stop throwing so much money into empire, death and destruction and support the creation of the Department of Peace!

Daniela Arnon

San Luis Obispo